Abkhazia. Russia is building a new naval base. Emotions in the region


Rescue tug “Professor Nikolai Muru“project 22870 was docked in its home port Novorossiysk June 28. Then it surfaced on July 1, and was sighted in Ochamchira on July 4 and 5.

Ochamchira is located in the controlled by Russia Abkhazia. However, according to the UN and the Council of Europe, it is a territory Georgia.

Abkhazia. Russia's New Base?

The local administration reported that Russia was building there a permanent base for its fleet. There are already several small patrol boats in the port FSB.

The move is controversial and worrying for Georgians, as the port is located on their territory. Russia may try to use the port as shelter from attacksand it can also create a safe place there base from which to start subsequent missions.

Such a move means drawing Georgia into the war. It will also block reactions Ukrainy because the port is located in an area that does not belong to Russia.

Russia Builds Base in Abkhazia. Unusual Move

Although the port in Abkhazia is relatively small, it could easily accommodate several larger warships. These may be landing ships or frigates.

Although Project 22870 ships are called rescue tugs, they can be considered general purpose support ships. They often accompany combatants and during an ongoing war they carry missile systems.

The vessel in Ochamchir is believed to have a vehicle or container on board that is consistent with SA-22 Greyhound (“Pantsir”) missiles. The Naval News portal, which reported the tug's mooring, did not identify the objects.

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