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Monday, November 29, 2021

Abortion, a project that will tighten penalties. Ryszard Terlecki comments

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We will reject both extreme social projects – one extending the possibility of abortion and the other containing penalties for its use – announced Ryszard Terlecki, deputy speaker of the Sejm from PiS. However, in the Sejm there is only one civil project on abortion – submitted by the “Pro-praw do Życia” foundation, which introduces penalties up to life imprisonment for termination of pregnancy. The draft liberalizing the regulations was submitted by MPs from the Left. – Mr. Marshal with a kind of charm told the untruth about the civic projects – commented the words of Terlecki Barbara Nowacka, member of the Civic Coalition.

On October 28, he was sent to the first reading in the Sejm civic project amendment of, among others Of the Criminal Code, which introduces the definition of a conceived child. The proposed provisions assume that termination of pregnancy would be punishable by 5 to 25 years in prison, or even life imprisonment. The author of the project is the “Pro-right to Life” Foundation. There is also a project by Lewica in the Sejm, the so-called The “rescue law” decriminalizes abortion aid, which currently carries up to three years in prison. Last year, the Left also submitted to the Sejm a bill liberalizing abortion law and enabling termination of pregnancy up to the 12th week of pregnancy.

At the same time, the Citizens’ Committee of the Legislative Initiative “Legal abortion – without compromise” is collecting signatures under another draft liberalizing abortion law. This proposal has not yet been submitted to the Sejm.


Terlecki: we will reject both social projects related to abortion

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Ryszard Terlecki, asked on Tuesday at the conference whether PiS would reject the bill tightening the penalties for abortion, replied: – We have two social bills in the Sejm and we will reject both of them as extreme at the next Sejm session.

He stressed that “of course, the freedom of voting will be preserved, there will be no voting discipline”.

When asked if, in connection with the death of 30-year-old Izabela in Pszczyna, there would be any legislative measures clarifying the provisions, the deputy speaker assessed that “the demonstrations and actions of the opposition are of a political nature and are not related to the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal.”

– The Tribunal has clearly ruled under what conditions an abortion can be performed. There is no place here to explain or extend anything – he argued. Note that this citizens protested, replied: – But encouraged or persuaded by the opposition and opposition TV stations.

“Mr. Marshal told the truth with a kind of grace”

When asked by journalists about Terlecki’s statement, Barbara Nowacka, member of the Civic Coalition, admitted that “there is an idea of ​​PiS to reject the fanatics project, which is to imprison both women and doctors and people helping women.” She added that Terlecki also talks about “some civic project going in the opposite direction”, but “such a project has not appeared in this term, although it will probably appear”. – I understand that Mr. Marshal is talking about the parliamentary bill submitted by the Left, but this is not chased by deadlines and it could have been processed a year and a half ago – said Nowacka. She admitted that the collection of signatures is still underway for the citizens’ project. – The marshal told the untruth about the citizens’ projects with a kind of charm – said the deputy.

Main photo source: PAP / Rafał Guz

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