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Abortion. A project to tighten the abortion law. Deputy Minister Waldemar Buda: I will never support him

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A draft was submitted to the Seym which tightened the abortion law and the size of the penalties provided for its execution. Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, and Law and Justice MP, Waldemar Buda, declared on Sunday in “Fakty po Faktach” that he would “never” support such a project. According to him, the proposed solutions “will not find a majority in the Polish parliament”. Aleksandra Gajewska, a member of the Civic Coalition, said that the project was “some kind of fanaticism”.

A draft by the Pro – Right to Life Foundation was submitted to the Sejm. It envisages adding a number of provisions to the Criminal Code. The key change is adding the definition: “A child is a human being in the period from conception to reaching the age of majority. A conceived child is a child in the period until the onset of labor”. The draft assumes that the penalty for depriving a fetus (“conceived child”) ranges from 5 to 25 years imprisonment or life imprisonment. If the perpetrator of the “deprivation of life” was the mother, the court may lighten the sentence or refrain from imposing it.


The case in Sunday’s “Fakt after Faktach” was addressed by Aleksandra Gajewska, a member of the Civic Coalition, and Waldemar Buda, the secretary of state in the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, from the Law and Justice party.

Buda on tightening abortion law: I will never endorse them

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Aleksandra Gajewska asked Deputy Minister Buda if she supported “legal solutions in which the rapist may be imprisoned for 12 years, and a raped woman who decides to have an abortion may be sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment or life imprisonment”. – What you are trying to introduce is some kind of fanaticism. It is unbelievable what you want to prepare for women in this country – she assessed.

Waldemar Buda declared that he would never support this project. – I certainly will not agree to the elimination of the premises that are in the act today. They are absolutely necessary and necessary – he said.

In his opinion, the proposed project “goes too far”. – In my opinion, the current regulations are a balanced compromise. We save lives, we save health, we run away from rape situations. (…) Absolutely no, I am not a supporter of these [proponowanych – red.] solutions because they are radical. I am convinced that they will not find a majority in the Polish parliament. The commission is the beginning and end of the proceedings on this bill – said the PiS politician.

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