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Abortion in Poland. Jarosław Kaczyński on the imaginary reality. MEPs comment

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PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński, referring to the situation of women’s rights in Poland on Wednesday, stated that the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal regarding abortion does not apply to situations where women’s lives and health are at risk. “It’s part of this delusional reality,” he added. – Great arrogance came from Mr. Kaczyński’s mouth – judged KO MP Barbara Nowacka in “Kropka nad i”. Left-wing MP Katarzyna Kotula added that the Constitutional Tribunal’s judgment was issued “at the political order” of the president of Law and Justice.

On Wednesday, they take place in many Polish cities protests against violations of women’s rights under the slogan “Not one more”. They are related to the death of 33-year-old pregnant Dorota in Nowy Targ. The woman was there in the fifth month of pregnancy after the waters had broken. She died three days later from septic shock. A few hours before his death, an ultrasound showed fetal demise. The case is being investigated by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Katowice.

Meanwhile PiS president Jaroslaw Kaczynski, when asked about the situation of pregnant women in Poland, told journalists that “this is one big fraud on your part”. He said that neither in the application nor in the Constitutional Court’s decision on the issue of abortion, “there was not a word about the threat to women’s lives and health.” – There is no such case, it is invented by propaganda, it is part of this imaginary reality – he added.

Kaczyński asked about the situation of pregnant women. Talks about “great deception” and “propaganda abuse”TVN24

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The case in “Kropka nad i” was commented on by MPs Katarzyna Kotula (New Left) and Barbara Nowacka (Civic Coalition).

Nowacka: great arrogance came from Mr. Kaczyński’s mouth

– Great arrogance came from Mr. Kaczyński’s mouth – said Nowacka. – Today at the protest I was standing next to a group of young women who, with tears in their eyes, shouted “Don’t kill us”, because they are simply afraid – she added.

– The fact that things were not going well in Polish hospitals is a fact. For many years, organizations dealing with women’s rights have been saying that with restrictive regulations, such an overused conscience clause and such a political atmosphere, drama can happen, she said.

Nowacka: great arrogance came from Mr. Kaczyński's mouth

Nowacka: great arrogance came from Mr. Kaczyński’s mouthTVN24

She noted that “in the atmosphere that is now, which PiS has introduced, there are much more dramas.” – Let them not disregard the responsibility for these deaths, do not disregard the responsibility for contempt and exclusion – she said.

Kotula: it was on Kaczyński’s political order that the Constitutional Tribunal issued a sentence against women

– Today, President Jarosław Kaczyński has the audacity to say that this situation is an “imaginary” situation. After all, it was on the political order of President Jarosław Kaczyński Constitutional Court Julia Przyłębska passed a sentence on women – said MP Kotula.

She added that “for the deaths of all these women – Izabela, Justyna, Ania, Agnieszka and Mrs. Dorota – MPs from Law and Justice and Confederation MPs who signed this application are responsible.”

Main photo source: TVN24

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