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Abortion. In the Sejm, there is a debate on a bill to completely ban abortion in Poland

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The civic draft law, which completely prohibits abortion, was the subject of an evening debate in the Sejm. The justification for the provisions that would tighten the penalties for termination of pregnancy was presented by the representative of the Legislative Initiative Committee, Mariusz Dzierżawski. Several clubs submitted a motion to reject the bill at first reading, including PiS. – Facing women with a choice, death or imprisonment, does not lead to the protection of life – said Anita Czerwińska from PiS.

On Wednesday evening, the Sejm debated the civil issue a bill banning abortion entirely. The draft shows that termination of pregnancy may be treated as a homicide. Therefore, its execution could be punishable by 5 to 25 years in prison or life imprisonment. The draft was prepared by the “Pro-right to Life” Foundation and submitted to the Sejm by the “Stop Abortion” Legislative Initiative Committee. Under the proposal, 130 thousand. signatures.


Leasing: embryo, embryo, fetus is human

The representative of the Legislative Initiative Committee, Mariusz Dzierżawski, presented the justification for the project.

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– Abortion circles publicly boast of participating in 34,000 illegal activities. And even more crimes are committed quietly – he said. – What is the Polish state doing in the face of mass-scale crimes that the criminals admit in public? Unfortunately, the answer is nothing, he continued.

– Is human dignity compatible with the impunity of mass murdering of the small and the defenseless? Of course not, he said.

A bill prohibiting abortion in the Sejm. The representative of the Legislative Initiative Committee presented the justificationTVN24

Dzierżawski said that “an embryo, an embryo, a fetus is a human”. – If the parents are human, the child in the womb is also human – he assessed. He argued that it is also obvious from the legal point of view, as evidenced – in his opinion – by the judgments of the Constitutional Tribunal of 2020 and 1997.

According to Dzierżawski, in practice abortion organizations operate openly, because Art. 152 of the Criminal Code – as he said – “ensures impunity for the mother of a conceived child, even if she killed it in the most cruel way”, and also makes it “practically impossible to prosecute people who induced or even forced the mother to do so”.

– Since the murder of a child conceived by the mother is not a crime, it is possible to advertise assistance in murder with impunity. Is impunity for murdering children good for a mother? Would any of your Members like to have the right to kill their child with impunity? – asked the representative of the applicants.

As he continued, “abortion kills the child, destroys the life of the mother and father, and degrades morally all those who take part in it.” – If the state supports or even tolerates killing the weakest, it destroys the foundation on which it is built. For every human community is founded on morality. So what are the states devoid of justice, if not huge bands of robbers? – added. Quoting John Paul II, he said that “a nation that kills its own children is a nation with no future”.

Czerwińska: scaring women does not protect life

Anita Czerwińska, representing the Law and Justice club, quoted last year’s judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal, in which – as she said – “it was clearly stated that a woman in a collision situation, when her life is at risk, has the right to choose her life.”

– You represent an extreme that you can share with your opponents who are on the other, extreme side. All those who represent pro-abortion movements. You can, ladies and gentlemen, shake your hand, because the effect of this law would be the same, there would be no question of life protection, she assessed.

– With this project you are giving a gift to pro-abortion movements, because the proposal to punish women for saving their own lives may, obviously, lead to social unrest, because it is unacceptable. Never in our culture, in our civilization, has it been acceptable to punish women or anyone else for saving their own lives, she added.

Czerwińska: PiS is requesting rejection of the bill banning abortion completely

Czerwińska: PiS is requesting rejection of the bill banning abortion completelyTVN24

In her opinion, if we put it in the context of the current political situation, the fight against the pandemic and the hybrid attack on the Polish border, “this is only one direction from which such inspirations can come.” – This is simply a diversion towards the protection of life, because in this way, frightening women does not protect life – she emphasized.

– Facing women with a choice – death or imprisonment – does not lead to the protection of life in any way. It may come to such a bizarre situation that a woman-victim of rape (will be – ed.) Has a higher sentence than the rapist. And let me remind you that the average sentence imposed for rape in Poland is two years – continued the representative of the ruling party.

– Acting in the spirit of responsibility, in the public interest and in the interest of the state, the leadership of the PiS parliamentary caucus authorized me to submit a motion to the speaker (Sejm, Elżbieta Witek – ed.) To reject this bill in its entirety in the first reading – informed Czerwińska.

Wielichowska: he should never be in the Sejm

MP Monika Wielichowska from the Civic Coalition recalled the statement of the president of PiS, Jarosław Kaczyński, who announced in 2016: “We will strive to (…) make even very difficult pregnancies, when a child is sentenced to death, severely deformed, however, they end up in childbirthso that this child could be baptized, buried, had a name “.

>> Kaczyński: we will strive for women to give birth to even a severely deformed child

Monika Wielichowska (KO) during the parliamentary debate on the bill banning abortion completely

Monika Wielichowska (KO) during the parliamentary debate on the bill banning abortion completelyTVN24

According to the KO deputy, this statement “gave an impulse for action to PiS and ultraconservative fundamentalists for whom the most important thing is to give birth – no matter if a child from rape or a child with a disability that will end his life in suffering”. – It does not matter if the fetus is stillborn and if the mother dies during this difficult childbirth. The most important thing is to give birth, she continued.

Wielichowska assessed that the project prepared by the Foundation “Pro-praw do Życia”, providing for penalties for performing an abortion “should never be in the Sejm”. – The PiS government, which hates women, sticks and lasts only thanks to anti-vaccinationists and fundamentalists. This is why in Poland every day, for weeks, during the fourth wave (the COVID-19 epidemic – ed.), 400, 500, and today even 570 people die. And Poland is in a demographic crisis, because Polish women do not want to give birth to children in Poland, which is not safe for them in any way – she said.

The Civic Coalition Club called for the rejection of the project.

Barbara Nowacka: KO club motion to reject a bill prohibiting abortion

Barbara Nowacka: KO club motion to reject a bill prohibiting abortionTVN24

Kotula: an inhuman project

On behalf of the Left Club, MP Katarzyna Kotula spoke in the debate. She told the story of her 25-year-old friend Agata, who, raped by a doctor, had to terminate her pregnancy in a “dingy office” in 1998, and she helped her. – This story happened because in 1997 the Constitutional Tribunal abolished the possibility of terminating pregnancy for social reasons – Kotula said.

– After almost a quarter of a century, Polish abortion law has changed into even more strict and barbaric. It is a law that kills – she said, referring to the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal in October 2020. Kotula described the project presented by the citizens’ committee as going even further in this direction. Its entry into force will cause, as she said – that “the law will treat a raped woman more severely than the rapist”. “This shameful, inhuman project should immediately go to the trash, that’s where it belongs,” she assessed.

During her speech, she showed a photo of 30-year-old Iza from Pszczyna, who died in September in a hospital in Pszczyna. She was 22 weeks pregnant when her waters broke. The fetus was already diagnosed with malformations. The woman died as a result of septic shock. The family of the deceased believes that the doctors delayed the termination of pregnancy too long, which contributed to the death of the 30-year-old woman.

The results of the inspection at the hospital in Pszczyna after the death of a pregnant 30-year-old girl. NHF: confirmed numerous irregularities >>>

Kotula also indicated that, according to government statistics, there are several hundred abortions a year, although in fact there are over 120,000 a year. – Does the ban on abortion mean that there is no abortion? No, there are abortions, they only happen elsewhere, outside the system, abroad, at home, in private bathrooms – continued Katarzyna Kotula. – If this project comes into force, all the people and organizations that helped women will go to prison for 25 years or life imprisonment – she added. “From this rostrum, I promise that if the Left is in power, abortion will be legal, safe and free,” she said.

– My name is Katarzyna Kotula. I helped, I help, and I will help in the abortion. We will even do it when you lock us up for 25 years or for life – she added. On behalf of the Lewica club, she submitted a motion to reject the bill at first reading.

Katarzyna Kotula (Left) during a debate on a bill banning abortion completely

Katarzyna Kotula (Left) during a debate on a bill banning abortion completelyTVN24

The assumptions of the draft banning abortion completely

The draft assumes that the Act of 1993 on family planning, protection of the human fetus and conditions for the admissibility of termination of pregnancy – the so-called the anti-abortion act, which currently allows for abortions in two cases. Termination of pregnancy may be performed when the pregnancy poses a threat to the life or health of a pregnant woman or when there is a justified suspicion that the pregnancy resulted from a prohibited act.

In October 2020, the Constitutional Tribunal ruled that the third abortion condition previously included in this Act, i.e. a case of severe and irreversible impairment of the fetus or an incurable disease that threatens its life, is unconstitutional. This decision sent a wave of long protests across Poland.

Main photo source: TVN24

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