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Abortion law – new guidelines have been created. But PiS is afraid that they would harm the election campaign – Rzeczpospolita

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A team appointed by the Minister of Health has developed guidelines on abortion, according to which a threat to a woman’s mental health would be considered a reason to terminate the pregnancy – “Rzeczpospolita” reports on Tuesday. According to the daily, these guidelines have not yet been adopted due to the opposition of pro-life activists and the fear of Law and Justice that the topic of abortion would harm it in the election campaign.

On June 16, the then Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski announced that the team he had appointed to develop procedures related to termination of pregnancy met for the first time. While press conference, Niedzielski assuredthat “every woman in this country has the right, in the event of a threat to her health or life, to terminate her pregnancy, i.e. to have an abortion. These two conditions should be treated separately.” The guidelines were to appear by the end of August or early September.

The formation of the team was related to the death of 33-year-old Dorota from Nowy Targ, who developed sepsis after the death of the fetus, which some commentators linked to the restrictive abortion law. As “Rzeczpospolita” writes, the creation of the team appointed by the minister was from the very beginning intended to arouse the emotions of pro-life activists who were afraid that in this way, through the back door, through guidelines, the law on abortion would be liberalized.

Ministry of Health Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock.com

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Following the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal from October 2020, limiting the possibility of terminating pregnancy, abortion is permitted, among others, in the event of a threat to the mother’s health or life. As we read, the team’s guidelines would also include a woman’s mental health in this condition.

Reaction from pro-life activists

The daily writes that pro-life activists “started collecting signatures on petitions to the ministry and organizing pickets in the summer, and the most famous incident occurred at the end of August, when Kaja Godek and Confederation MP Grzegorz Braun wanted to take part in a team meeting in the ministry building, but the police took them out.”

Kaja Godek and Grzegorz Braun Paweł Supernak/PAP

The Team of Experts on Bioethics of the Polish Episcopal Conference also concluded at the beginning of September that “abortion cannot be legally permitted due to the presence of mental disorders in the mother.” – We cannot deprive a child of life because of the mother’s mental condition – emphasized Prof. Andrzej Kochański, geneticist, member of the church team.

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According to the findings of “Rz”, the guidelines on abortion are ready, but they will not be adopted yet. One of the daily’s interlocutors Ministry of Health was to say about the publication of the guidelines: – It was supposed to take place at a team meeting, disrupted by Godek and Braun. Another meeting was convened online, but was canceled and no next meeting was scheduled.

The interlocutors told “Rzeczpospolita” that the reason for such a decision was the ruling party’s fear that the topic of abortion would harm it in the election campaign.

The team’s work, which is said to be the main complaint of pro-life activists, is carried out in secret. The Ministry of Health, as “Rz” writes, officially admits that team members are “obliged to maintain confidentiality of information.” Grzegorz Braun failed to obtain the team’s working documents through parliamentary intervention. He also reported a crime because, in his opinion, the Act on the Protection of Classified Information does not provide grounds for secrecy of the team’s work. Pro-life activists also failed in their attempts to join the team’s work.

– If there was nothing threatening to the protection of life in them, they would have met with us and calmed us down – Kaja Godek commented on the issue of the guidelines, according to which the ministry’s behavior indicates plans to facilitate access to abortion in Poland.

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Main photo source: Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock.com

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