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Abortion. Marek Suski: I will not support the project of tightening the abortion law

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Marek Suski, MP of Law and Justice, in an interview with Rzeczpospolita, said that he would not support the bill which would tighten the abortion law in Poland. – I do not think that PiS is going to it – he added. Referring to the death of a pregnant 30-year-old Izabela in Pszczyna, he said that it was a drama “used for a political game”.

Asked whether PiS will support in the Sejm tightening of the abortion law, Marek Suski replied: – I personally will not support it. There is no discipline in matters of conscience in our country, but I do not think that the majority of PiS MPs would vote in favor of these changes in the Sejm. tightening the law, and the other side proposes abortion on request – he added.

October 22 last year The Constitutional Tribunal headed by Julia Przyłębska adjudicatedthat the provision of the so-called anti-abortion act of 1993 (referred to as the abortion compromise) allowing abortion in the event of severe and irreversible impairment of the fetus or an incurable life-threatening disease is inconsistent with the Basic Law. The ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal sparked a wave of protests across the country.


Suski about the death of a pregnant 30-year-old: a drama used for a political game

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“Rzeczpospolita” asked the PiS MP if there was a feeling that “death of Mrs. Iza from Pszczyna was the result of the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal and doctors’ fears of a decision that could result in their criminal liability in the matter of abortion. “

– I feel sorry for the family and I am sad about this death. Since the dawn of time, childbirth has been risky, but without a thorough investigation, it is difficult for me to relate to it. The case is being investigated by the prosecutor’s office – he replied.

“Not one more” – protest in KrakowPAP / Łukasz Gągulski

As he stated, he personally did not see this case related to the act and the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal. – Meanwhile, it is left-wing circles, without analyzing the cause of this tragedy, have already concluded who is to blame and are trying to cynically use this death for their ideological and political struggle – he assessed.

Asked if he did not lack empathy, when he said that “people sometimes die in childbirth, this is biology”, Suski replied: – I repeat once again that I am very sorry for the death of a woman and I do not wish such a tragedy to anyone it is a fact that sometimes there is death in childbirth. As he added, “meanwhile, this drama is being used unfairly for a political game, and it is a lack of empathy.”

“Not one more.” Report from WarsawTVN24

Death of 30-year-old Izabela and protests under the slogan “not one more”

Protests took place in dozens of Polish cities on Saturday after the death of a pregnant 30-year-old Iza. Demonstrations were also held on Sunday. The woman died of sepsis in a hospital in Pszczyna. A day before her death, she wrote to her mother that she was afraid for her life. According to the representative of the family, the doctors waited for the fetus to die by itself, without taking any actions that could save the woman’s life. Hospital on Friday suspended the doctorswho were on duty during the stay of a pregnant 30-year-old girl.

This case was described on October 29 by legal counsel Jolanta Budzowska, representative of the deceased family. She wrote that it was a consequence of last year’s judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal, chaired by Julia Przyłębska, which tightened the abortion law. The prosecutor’s office deals with the case.

Main photo source: PAP / Paweł Supernak

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