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Abortion, soldiers' rights, Marcin Romanowski's immunity. What's in the Sejm today

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Decriminalization and decriminalization of pregnancy termination, streamlining the operations of the Polish Armed Forces and considering a motion to lift the immunity of former deputy head of the Ministry of Justice Marcin Romanowski from PiS. The Sejm is to deal with this on Thursday.

The Sejm will begin a two-day session today, during which it will deal with, among other things, the draft of partial depenalization and decriminalization of acts related to termination of pregnancy: complete exclusion of the crime of terminating pregnancy up to the 12th week with the woman's consent and exclusion of the criminality of terminating pregnancy with the woman's consent in the event of severe, irreversible impairment or incurable disease of the fetus.

The MPs are also to hold a second reading of the government's draft amendment to certain acts in order to improve the operations of the Polish Armed Forces, the Police and the Border Guard in the event of a threat to state security. This is a draft by the Ministry of Defence, which the government adopted on 19 June.

The project provides for the possibility of using the armed forces for independent actions – not only in support of the services Ministry of Interior and Administration – in times of peace on the territory of the country. It also provides for the provision of legal assistance to soldiers and officers of the Ministry of Interior and Administration services in the event of proceedings related to their use of weapons.

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The bill introduces a provision to the Penal Code that excludes liability for acts committed under specific conditions. This concerns the use of weapons or direct coercion by a soldier in violation of the rules, if they were used to repel a direct, unlawful attack on the life, health or freedom of that soldier.

Motion to lift Romanowski's immunity

The MPs are also to consider the motion to lift the immunity of the former deputy head of the Ministry of Justice, Marcin Romanowski (PIS), who was charged by the prosecutor’s office with 11 charges, including participation in an organised criminal group.

In the investigation into the expenditure of funds from the Justice Fund, the National Prosecutor’s Office has so far brought charges against 11 people, three of whom were arrested.

The MPs are also to work on the government’s draft of the Electronic Communications Law, which will replace the current 2004 Telecommunications Law.

The Sejm is also to hold the first reading of a citizens' bill to amend laws to support recipients of electricity, gas fuels and heat. The bill was submitted by PiS.

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