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Abortion. They appeared in the Sejm to fight for a change in the law. “Politicians and doctors look away and we demand change”

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Regarding abortion, Polish law is one of the most restrictive in Europe. The argument that thousands of protesting women so often repeated at protests was also used during Thursday's debate in the Sejm: why should our lives be decided by men in suits who worry about what men in cassocks will say? Because our dramas will not be theirs.

On Thursday, activists appeared in the parliamentary corridors to defend women's rights. With a bill for abortions of almost PLN 50 million. – We spent so much on ensuring that people could safely terminate pregnancies at home and in foreign clinics – says Justyna Wydrzyńska from the “Kobiety w Sieci” organization.

Pro-abortion organizations estimate that Polish women terminate approximately 130,000 pregnancies each year. Most often in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and England. – We're not the ones who look away. It is politicians and doctors who look the other way and we demand changes, says Kinga Jelińska from the “Women Help Women” organization.

For those women who simply do not want to be mothers and for those who do not want to be “living coffins”. – Poland simply pushes them beyond these borders and says: you don't deserve to go through this experience with dignity – comments Natalia Broniarczyk from the “Aboracyjny Dream Team” group.

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This dignity was granted to Polish women by 119 MPs from Law and Justice and the Confederation, who in their application to the Constitutional Tribunal by Julia Przyłębska wanted to determine whether the abortion law in force at that time was consistent with the Constitution. Then the answer was: it is inconsistent.

A verdict that fulfilled the will of the PiS president. “So that this child could be baptized”

Thus, after 27 years, the so-called abortion compromise ended. Severe and irreversible fetal impairment or an incurable disease that threatens the life of the fetus is no longer an indication for abortion.

– The judgment has obviously made the already extremely restrictive access to abortion in Poland even more difficult – says Antonina Lewandowska from the “Federa” Foundation for Women and Family Planning. At the same time, he fulfilled the will of the president of Law and Justice.

Stormy debate on abortion. Fragments of statementsTVN24

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“We will strive to ensure that even cases of very difficult pregnancies, when the child is doomed to death and severely deformed, end in delivery, so that the child can be baptized, buried and have a name,” Jarosław Kaczyński announced in an interview for PAP.

More deaths of women that Kaczyński does not believe in

After the tribunal's verdict, thousands of women took to the streets in protest. The United Right government sent against them undercover officers armed with telescopic batons, and the verdict quickly turned out to be fatal. Son Izabela from Pszczyna his name was supposed to be Leon. The water broke too early, the fetus was too small to survive, but the doctors waited.

There were more protests and more deaths. Dorota from Bochnia she died in a hospital in Nowy Targ. After the water broke, the cure was to lie with your legs up.

What about changes in abortion law?  The Sejm is to consider the bills on Thursday

What about changes in abortion law? The Sejm is to consider the bills on ThursdayMarta Warchol/Fakty po Południu

Agnieszka from Częstochowa she was carrying twins, when one fetus died, doctors waited for the other to die. The 37-year-old orphaned three children. And the president of Law and Justice did not believe these stories.

– I repeat once again, there is no such case. She is invented by propaganda. This is part of this imaginary reality, Kaczyński claimed in June 2023.

Signatures on the petition to the European Parliament

In fact, Polish women simply stopped giving birth. – A really large number of my patients began to declare that “no, doctor, not for now. Maybe when I go abroad, but at the moment I am afraid for myself, for my child that I gave birth to earlier” – comments Dr. Maciej Socha, head of the Obstetrics Department -Gynecological Saint Adalbert's Hospital in Gdańsk.

The lives of those who are forced to give birth turn into a nightmare. – This often causes numerous complications, including depression and suicidal thoughts, so it should be changed immediately – says Professor Piotr Sieroszewski, president of the Polish Society of Gynecologists and Obstetricians, about the current law.

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Women's rights defenders are waiting for the results of the debate in the Sejm with an emergency plan. They want to collect one million signatures in a petition to the European Parliament to introduce free abortion throughout the EU.

Main photo source: TVN24

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