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Abortion. Włodzimierz Czarzasty on “blocking” work on projects. Szymon Hołownia responds

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The Confederation together with Third Droga “blocked” my request at the Presidium of the Sejm to deal with draft laws on abortion at the current session of the Sejm, said Włodzimierz Czarzasty, deputy speaker of the Chamber and co-chairman of the New Left, on Tuesday evening. Marshal Szymon Hołownia argued that he was doing “absolutely everything to increase the chances that this Sejm will actually change the situation of women in Poland.”

Marshal of the Sejm Szymon Hołownia announced on Tuesday in “Tak jest” on TVN24 that he had decided to The Sejm dealt with bills regarding abortion on April 11right after the first round elections local government. – On April 11, I hope there will be space to talk a little more calmly about whether it is possible for us to establish an extraordinary commission – he added, referring to a special commission that would deal with the regulations on abortion.

Czarzasty: Confederation and Third Way blocked the proceedings of the laws

After the evening meeting of the Presidium of the Sejm, deputy speaker of the Chamber and co-chairman of the New Left Włodzimierz Czarzasty informed that he had requested the presidium to proceed with draft laws on abortion at the current session of the Sejm (March 6-8).

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As he said, there were three people in favor of the motion: himself and two deputy marshals from PO: Dorota Niedziela and Monika Wielichowskawhile the Marshal of the Sejm, the leader of Poland 2050 Szymon Hołownia and the deputy marshals were against Piotr Zgorzelski (PSL) i Krzysztof Bosak (Confederation). Czarzasty noted that due to the fact that the vote of the Speaker of the Sejm is counted twice, his motion did not pass in the vote.

– Mr. Marshal probably has his reasons, although these reasons, you know how they are presented, when they are presented and what they sound like. We, as coalition partners, have our reasons. This will not threaten the functioning of the coalition, he said.

– But I wanted to make it clear. A month ago, when I made my comments on TVN24, I was right. Because today, at my request for these bills to be processed, the Confederation together with Third Way blocked the processing of bills related to women’s rights – he added.

Hołownia: there is a risk that the projects will be rejected in the first reading

Hołownia, later asked about Czarzasty’s statement, emphasized that he was doing “absolutely everything to increase the chances that this Sejm will actually change the situation of women in Poland.” – This is my goal – he assured. He also repeated that “we are in a very specific political situation” and “in the middle of a campaign that is very hot.”

– I know perfectly well what the position of the Left, PSL, Poland 2050 and the Civic Coalition is. I believe that today there is a huge risk not that the Third Way projects will be rejected, but that the Left Wing projects will be rejected in the first reading, together with the Civic Coalition’s projects and perhaps also the Third Way projects – said Hołownia.

– Would those who tell me today: you are blocking the proceedings and women’s rights are not implemented in this Sejm, what would they say when they saw (…) these four projects thrown into the trash? – he said.

Four projects on abortion

Last November, the Left submitted two projects on the liberalization of abortion regulations. One of them partially decriminalizes abortion and assistance in it, the other allows termination of pregnancy until the end of the 12th week of its duration.

At the end of January, the Sejm received a bill from a group of deputies from the Civic Coalition parliamentary club. It assumes that a pregnant person has the right to health services in the form of termination of pregnancy during the first 12 weeks of its duration.

In addition to these projects, at the end of February, Trzecia Droga (PSL and Polska 2050) submitted a bill to the Sejm that reverses the Constitutional Tribunal’s judgment of 2020 on abortion regulations. TD politicians also announced a proposal for a referendum on abortion.

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Abortion law in Poland

The anti-abortion regulations in force in Poland since 1993 were changed after the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal in October 2020. Previously, the Act on Family Planning, Protection of the Human Fetus and Conditions of Permissibility of Termination of Pregnancy, known as the Abortion Compromise, allowed abortion also in the event of severe and irreversible impairment of the fetus or an incurable disease that threatened its life. The Constitutional Tribunal found this ground for termination of pregnancy to be unconstitutional, which caused a wave of protests throughout the country. This provision expired with the publication of the Court’s ruling in January 2021.

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