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About 1,000 animals from over 100 pet stores were burned

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About 1,000 animals burned in a fire at a market in Bangkok. The fire broke out on Tuesday as a result of an electrical short circuit in the part of the bazaar where pet shops were located.

A fire broke out on Tuesday in the western part of the popular Chatuchak market in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. According to local authorities, it was caused by an electrical short circuit. The fire broke out in the morning and quickly spread to the entire zone with pet stores, destroying a total of 118 points of sale.

“I couldn't help them”

Bangkok authorities reported that no humans were injured in the fire, but it contributed to the death of about 1,000 animals. Cats, dogs, birds and many species of reptiles were burned in the fire. Photos of cages and containers with dead animals and entrepreneurs estimating losses appeared on social media.

– When I arrived at the site, there was nothing left, everything had burned down, the owner of the reptile shop told the BBC. – I couldn't do anything because it was dark inside. I couldn't help them. They all died.

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Particularly shocking was the fate of the snakes, which were found curled up in balls with their teeth stuck into their own bodies. As herpetologist Nirut Chomngam explained, the animals probably bit each other in a pre-mortem frenzy – in the case of carbon monoxide poisoning and hypoxia, reptiles die slower than birds or mammals, which prolongs their agony.

Animals that died in the Chatuchak market firePAP/EPA/NARONG SANGNAK

A controversial marketplace

Chatuchak Market is one of the largest markets in Southeast Asia. The bazaar is particularly popular on weekends, when it is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists. However, some stores, including pet stores, are open all week long.

The zoo has been the subject of controversy. According to the Thai Wildlife Friends foundation, the animals sold there were often smuggled, and some were kept in inappropriate conditions.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/NARONG SANGNAK

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