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Accident in Daleszyce: sentence after the death of a 38-year-old girl and her four-year-old daughter. Drunk convicted driver

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15 years in prison, a lifetime ban on driving and redress – such a sentence was pronounced on Tuesday by the District Court in Kielce against Michał Z., who fatally hit a 38-year-old woman and her four-year-old daughter. The decision is not final. The tragedy happened in August 2021 in Daleszycach (Świętokrzyskie). The driver fled the scene, he had more than three parts per mille at the time of the arrest.

To the tragedy in Daleszyce happened on August 15, 2021. The car, in which three men were driving, turned into the left lane on Kościelna Street and hit a mother and her four-year-old daughter crossing the road. Both died on the spot. The 38-year-old’s husband and their son, who were not injured, also walked with them. The driver ran away from the scene.

The police soon reached the property where the wanted Volkswagen was parked. It turned out that at the time of the accident there were three drunk men in the car: a 33-year-old, a 35-year-old and a 39-year-old. The police established that the driver was the oldest of them. They were all drunk and had more than three alcohol levels in their bodies.

According to the prosecutor’s office, Michał Z. was repeatedly convicted of crimes against the property, life and health of other people and twice for drunk driving. After two years, he did not obtain new licenses, so at the time of the tragedy in Daleszyce he did not have a driving license.

According to the investigators after the accident, right after the tragedy, Michał Z. had over three per mille of alcohol in his body. The man was speeding by more than 100 kilometers per hour. Before the collision, he did not brake, and after the accident he fled the scene.

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Four times “guilty”

The man was presented with four charges including the deliberate bringing of a land traffic disaster. He was also accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, in conditions of recidivism, the appropriation of someone else’s vehicle and a hooligan offense – insulting a person and attempting to violate his bodily integrity.

In all four cases, the Kielce court found Michał Z. guilty of the alleged acts, and it changed the qualification of one of them. Instead of bringing about a land traffic disaster, the 39-year-old was responsible for the possibility of bringing such a threat.

The man was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment. The sentence also includes a lifetime ban on driving any vehicles. In addition, the 39-year-old has to pay the husband and son of the deceased woman 75,000 zlotys in compensation.

Michał Z. in courtPAP / Piotr Polak

Court: a child before whom his whole life has been killed is killed

Judge Michał Winiarczyk noted that the convict fatally hit two people, but “miraculously did not hit four”. The rest of the family were one and a half meters away. Death was taken by the child who had been in front of him all his life – he emphasized.

As the judge said on Tuesday, the 39-year-old was aware of the degree of violation of road safety rules. – The defendant decided to consume alcohol with his friends, and then drive aimlessly in a car, being drunk, to a degree almost six times higher than the norm. The end of this ride was that there was an accident – the judge noted.

The judgment is not final. Both the prosecutor’s office and the representative of the victims’ family, as well as the defender of the accused, did not rule out that they would appeal.

Michał Z. in courtPAP / Piotr Polak

The tragedy happened in Daleszyce

Main photo source: PAP / Piotr Polak

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