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Accidents on Polish roads. “We don’t think and we don’t care about others, we are egoists behind the wheel”

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The driver of the vehicle overtook the road, cut off the driver’s path, and then braked sharply. He put himself and other users in mortal danger. Fortunately, nothing happened, but the consequences will probably not be avoided. The police have a video of this action.

The driver on the A1 motorway decided to play sheriff. It’s hard to believe that he didn’t realize the threat he created. – We just don’t think and we don’t care about others, we are egoists behind the wheel – believes Joanna Madej, a rally driver.

– Overtaking in the emergency lane is illegal and dangerous. Drivers who are driving on the motorway are not prepared for the fact that a third car will suddenly appear on the lane, which in fact is not there – explains Michał Kościuszko, a rally driver.

A dangerous situation occurred between Warlubie and Nowe Marzy in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. The video shows how the BMW driver overtakes the bus on the side of the road, moves to the left lane and slowing down sharply, cuts off the road for the truck. It all happens on the highway. – My first thought was that maybe I was being stopped, but no lights, no police, nothing showed up on the window, only sudden braking began – says Grzegorz.

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Mr. Grzegorz had to brake sharply in front of the BMW truck. He sent the recording from the car camera to Kontakt24. He asked for anonymity. – There could have been a tragedy. It only took a little rain for him to have bad tires. It could be that there would be not only two cars, but several cars could be involved in this collision – adds Grzegorz.

The car drove into the property in Krosna-WiesArtur Węgrzynowicz/tvnwarszawa.pl

No imagination

– At the moment when we do not give way, because we do not have to, let me remind you, because, for example, there are slower trucks in the right lane, so we have the right to drive on the left one until there is a free space, they jump to the right one, look for a gap, then fly over to the emergency one. Guys, how do you know there’s not a car parked on the emergency stop and you’re not going to kill a man, for example? asks Joanna Madej.

The BMW blocked the way for the truck, which, even if it is going slower, has a much longer braking distance. – Those who have never sat behind the wheel of a truck, truck or bus often have no idea that effective braking with such a giant on the road is definitely more difficult than with a passenger car. There could have been a tragedy – says Marek Konkolewski, a former policeman.

Fortunately, nothing happened in this situation. Mr. Grzegorz did not give up and reported the matter to the police. A BMW driver can get a fine of PLN 30,000 and lose his driving license. – Sometimes such a bucket of cold water, poured on such a small aggressor on Polish roads, can be sobering – assures Marek Konkolewski.

He hit the woman, then rammed the railings and fell on his side

He hit the woman, then rammed the railings and fell on his sideKM PSP Slupsk

A few rules

In order to avoid a high fine and not cause an accident, we must follow a few rules. On motorways and expressways, under no circumstances should you stop, reverse, turn around, tow other vehicles, drive all the time in the left lane, and also on the so-called bumper, i.e. very close to the other vehicle. “We certainly can’t measure the rules here on our own. There are special services for that. Let’s focus on your driving. On knowledge of the recipe, on driving culture. And above all, on the basis of limited trust in other participants of the movement – appeals Michał Kościuszko.

Although drivers learn all this on courses, dangerous situations still occur. Recently, we showed a driver who stopped in the left lane of the highway because he missed the exit. The car behind him had to brake sharply. In Janów Lubelski, a woman drove the wrong way on an expressway. Only meters decided that there was no head-on collision. – Life is very fragile and it can end in a second. If we cause an accident and someone dies because of us, we will really destroy our lives and others’, says Joanna Madej.

In 2022, 141 people died on motorways and expressways.

Author:Wojciech Sidorowicz

Main photo source: GRZYM1978/KONTAKT24

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