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Acrobatic shows in the Suwałki sky. Air Show Odlotowe Suwałki

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The 3rd edition of the “Odlotowe Suwałki” Air Show took place in Suwałki with the participation of the best pilots. It is the largest aviation event in this part of the country. At the airport, one could admire numerous aerobatics and take advantage of ground attractions. The culmination of the event were the performances after sunset.

The picnic was held for the third time. Several thousand people from the region and tourists came to the airport to see the sky attractions. About 40 different planes flew to Suwałki.

– I am glad that together with the mayor of the city we were able to create such an interesting event, which is a showcase of Suwałki, as well as part of the hundred-year history of aviation in the Suwałki region – said the president of the Suwałki Aviation School, Robert Szadkowski.

This year's “Odlotowe Suwałki” was held under the honorary patronage of the Minister of National Defense, so the Polish Army also presented a display of its equipment.

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Before the event, a ceremony was held to name the airport after Brig. pilot Witold Urbanowicz, born in Olszanka near Suwałki. During World War II, Urbanowicz was, among others, commander of the squadron of the 303rd Warsaw Fighter Squadron named after Tadeusz Kościuszko.

During the Suwałki Air Show, you could see a South Korean FA-50 combat aircraft in flight. On Saturday, a parachute group also performed complex figures using flags. There was also an acrobat on a sash under a balloon. The culmination of the event was a block of night shows using spectacular pyrotechnics.

The night air show was the highlight of the event.TVN24

– This is a very demanding thing. Pilots fly with pyrotechnics fired from the plane from the ground, to the rhythm of music, under time pressure. Additionally, at night. These are numerous factors generating various dangerous situations, but if you prepare this event well for a few months, you will achieve the effect you could see – explains Jarosław Balcarzycki, organizer of the Air Show “Odlotowe Suwałki”.

The pilots gave it their allTVN24

– Each pilot puts 100 percent of themselves into flying their best, presenting themselves in the best possible way and making it look the best possible, so I am proud of everyone who performed in Suwałki and I hope it will continue to be like this – adds Magdalena Kłos, one of the organizers.

The airport after major renovation

The grass airport in Suwałki underwent a thorough renovation in 2019, which cost PLN 27 million. A 1,320 m long and 30 m wide runway was built. It can be used by passenger planes carrying up to 50 people, but also by light aircraft, helicopters, gliders and motor hang gliders. In addition to the runway, a turnaround apron, an apron, a taxiway and technical infrastructure were also built.

Main photo source: TVN24

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