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Act lex TVN. Bronisław Komorowski on the reassumption of voting in the Sejm and the behavior of Elżbieta Witek

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The anti-TVN law was adopted by the Sejm on Wednesday. Earlier, Marshal Elżbieta Witek ordered a reassumption of the PiS losing vote on the motion to adjourn the proceedings, which was rejected when the vote was repeated. In the Thursday edition of “Fakty po Faktach”, the former president Bronisław Komorowski commented on the behavior of the Sejm Marshal. As he assessed, Elżbieta Witek “deliberately broke the rules of the Sejm”.

On Wednesday after 5 p.m., the voting block began in the Sejm. voting on the anti-TVN bill. Unexpectedly, the deputies, at the request of the opposition, voted to postpone the meeting until September. Immediately after the vote, Sejm Marshal Elżbieta Witek from PiS called a meeting of the Seniors’ Convention. When the deputies returned to the meeting room, Witek announced that she had received a request for reassumption of voting on the adjournment of the sitting of the Sejm. She stressed that she had analyzed him. This conclusion, she said, refers to the fact that “no date was given”. “I consulted five lawyers who confirmed that this motion could be voted on at this hearing,” she said.


In another vote, the Sejm rejected the motion to adjourn the session. That day was accepted an amendment to the Broadcasting Act known as the anti-TVN act. It was supported by 228 MPs, with 216 votes against and 10 abstentions.

In the unanimous opinion of commentators, the new regulations, the draft of which were submitted to the Sejm by PiS MPs, are aimed at the independence of TVN. Many journalists, politicians and institutions protested against the changes in the media law.

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Komorowski on the attitude of Witek: she consciously broke the rules of the Sejm

The President of Poland in 2010-2015 and the former Speaker of the Sejm Bronisław Komorowski referred to the reassumption of Wednesday’s vote in the Sejm in “Fakty po Faktach”. – In my opinion, the Marshal (Elżbieta – ed.) Witek did not so much make a serious mistake, but acted simply outrageously. She consciously broke the rules of the Sejm, so she deserves the most severe punishment and condemnation – he said. As he pointed out, “such a penalty would be removing her from the position of the Marshal of the Sejm by the Parliament”.

In Komorowski’s opinion, “the Speaker of the Sejm must to some extent, while respecting the needs of the government majority, be an arbiter between the opposition and the pro-government majority.” – He must uphold the parliamentary regulations as the supreme arbiter – assessed the guest of “Facts after Facts”.

– In my opinion, Marshal Witek did not fulfill her basic roles – he added.

Act lex TVN

TVN24 is still waiting for the National Broadcasting Council to extend its license, which expires on September 26. The application for its extension was filed 18 months ago. KRRiT claims that the problem lies in the “ownership situation” of the TVN group. Meanwhile, a group of Law and Justice MPs submitted a draft amendment to the Broadcasting Act to the Sejm on 7 July. “The will of the legislator is that companies based in Poland cannot be controlled by entities outside the European Economic Area” – it was written in the justification. The law was passed on Wednesday.

TVN is owned by Discovery, through its subsidiary Polish Television Holding BV in the Netherlands, and thus belonging to the EEA. Commentators agree that the changes are aimed at TVN’s independence.


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