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Active parent. Grandma. There are conditions. ZUS explains

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“Active parent” will start operating on October 1, 2024. Applications for payment of one of the three benefits under the program, including the so-called grandmother's benefit, will be submitted to the Social Insurance Institution. You can get up to PLN 1,900 per month per child. However, there are conditions.

The “Active Parent” program will include the following: three benefits:

– active parents at work (grandmother's benefit) – new benefit, – actively in the nursery – will replace the subsidy for the nursery, – actively at home – will replace the family care capital.

“Benefits from the Active Parent program are available regardless of the family income and are not subject to administrative or bailiff enforcement. No advance payment of personal income tax, social security contributions or health insurance contributions are charged on benefits,” it reminds in the announcement. Social Insurance Institution.

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Applications can be submitted only electronically from October 1, 2024 An application submitted in paper form will be left without consideration by ZUS.

Who is eligible for benefits under the Active Parent program?

According to the adopted regulations, the following persons living in Poland are entitled to them: – Polish citizens, – citizens of the EU/EFTA and Great Britain, – other foreigners, provided that they meet the condition of legal residence in Poland on the basis of a residence card with access to the labour market or on the basis of another document confirming legal residence and access to the labour market.

According to ZUS, the benefits “active parents at work and active at home” are not available to Ukrainian citizens who came to Poland in connection with war operations.

At the same time, active nursery benefits are available to citizens Ukrainewho came to our country in connection with warfare, if they stayed legally, with the status “UKR” (they have a Polish PESEL) for an uninterrupted period of at least 365 days. This also applies to the child of a Ukrainian citizen who has the status “UKR”.

“Active parents at work”

The “Active parents at work” benefit is available professionally active parents or guardians of a child aged 12 to 35 months. The benefit is not available for a child who attends a kindergarten, nursery, children's club or is under the care of a day carer.

An application for the benefit may be submitted by:
– the child's parent (mother or father), – actual guardian– foster parent, – person running a family children's home.

What does professionally active mean in the context of this benefit? ZUS explains that certain conditions must be met.

Pension and disability insurance, including:

– employment based on an employment contract, – performing outwork, – working based on an agency agreement or a contract for services, – conducting non-agricultural business or cooperating in conducting it, – being a member of agricultural production cooperatives and agricultural circle cooperatives, – being a member of parliament or senator who receives a salary, – being a clergyman, – receiving a scholarship: doctoral, sports, for students of the National School of Public Administration,

Pension and disability insurance for farmers, statutory (so-called compulsory insurance in the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund – KRUS) or for at least 12 months without interruption at your own request (so-called voluntary insurance in KRUS).

Work in uniformed services based on a service relationship (professional soldiers, police officers, officers of the Intelligence Agency, Internal Security Agency, Military Counterintelligence Service, Military Intelligence Service, State Protection Service, Border Guard, Marshal's Guard, Customs and Fiscal Service, Prison Service, State Fire Service, judges, prosecutors, trainees of the National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution).

maternity benefit, – sickness benefit (including accident insurance benefit), – care allowance– compensatory allowance (including accident insurance benefits), – rehabilitation benefit (including accident insurance benefits), – remuneration for the period of incapacity for work based on the Labour Code.

As ZUS emphasises, “this does not apply to you if you receive an allowance or benefit after your entitlement to sickness or accident insurance ceases (i.e. you receive maternity benefit after your employment ceases)”.

The next criterion is the minimum level of earnings. ZUS reminds that “to receive the benefit, you must prove minimum level of incomefrom which contributions for pension and disability insurance are paid (minimum level of the contribution calculation basis). It applies to you and the person with whom you are raising a child together”.

“The benefit is due if both parents/guardians generate income whose contribution basis is at least 100% of the minimum wage (the so-called condition of combined level of professional activity)”.

Additionally basefrom which the contributions of each of these persons are paid, cannot be lower than:

– 50% of the minimum wage applicable in the period for which the right to the benefit is established, – 30% of the minimum wage in a given period for which the right to the benefit is established – in the case of persons who conduct non-agricultural business activity on preferential terms (they benefit from reliefs: preferential contributions, start-up relief, small ZUS plus).

The Institution also reminds that “if you are raising a child on your own, you are entitled to the benefit provided that you are covered by retirement and disability insurance on a basis of at least 100% of the minimum wage.”

Principles of active provision in the nursery

This benefit is provided to co-finance the costs of providing care for a child in a nursery, children's club or by a day carer. It applies to children who attend a nursery, children's club (located in the register of nurseries and children's clubs) or are under the care of a day carer (located in the list of day carers).

The benefit is due until the end of the school year in which the child turns 3, and if it is impossible or difficult to provide the child with pre-school education – until the end of the school year in which the child turns 4.

An application for the benefit may be submitted by, among others: – the child's parent (mother or father), – the actual guardian, – legal guardian– a person providing ongoing care to the child, – a person acting as a foster family, – a person running a family children’s home.

Active service at home

“This benefit is due for every child in the family who has reached the age of 12 months, until they reach the age of 35 months,” indicates ZUS.

“The application for the benefit may be submitted by the child's parent (mother or father) and actual guardian,” the institution adds.

How much are benefits under the Active Parent program?

The benefit for active parents at work is granted in the amount of:

1500 PLN per month per child,
PLN 1,900 per month – if the child has a disability certificate.

Active benefit in the nursery is granted in the amount of:

up to 1500 PLN per month,
up to PLN 1,900 per month if the child has a disability certificate.

The active home benefit is granted in the amount of 500 PLN per month per childregardless of whether the child has a disability certificate.

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