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Activists are calling for higher penalties for animal abusers

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The woman threw the dog from the second floor – it survived, but it was in such a state that it had to be put down. Animals are hurt every day, and the phone in foundations that save pets is reportedly ringing constantly. Punishments for perpetrators are meted out, but in many cases they are ineffective. Material of the program “Poland and the World”.

Attention. The material contains drastic photos.

These stories are shocking and should never have happened. In Bialystok, a completely drunk 42-year-old woman threw her dog from the second floor. The animal miraculously survived, but the injuries were so severe that veterinarians could only end his suffering. He was put to sleep.

– I wonder where the limits of human cruelty are, because it is unimaginable for a normal person to treat an animal, a family member in this way – says the lawyer of the Viva Foundation! Katarzyna Topczewska.

In Bialystok, a woman threw a dog from the second floorTVN24

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The woman heard allegations of abuse with particular cruelty – she pleaded guilty – she faces 5 years in prison. “There have been a lot of these cases, and unfortunately there are still a lot of them,” he admits.

Animal abusers most often receive suspended sentences

What sentence the 42-year-old from Bialystok will hear will probably be known in many months, if not years. A man from Rybnik who tortured a cat – the court sentenced him to a year’s imprisonment suspended for three years. – He broke his neck and then threw it in the garbage – says the president of the Pet Patrol Association in Rybnik, Izabela Kozieł.

Animal rights defenders speak directly and a suspended sentence is no punishment and they point out that only a ruthless prison can stop further torturers. “Punishment, first of all, should be inevitable,” believes Katarzyna Topczewska. – The defendant who comes out with the so-called hinges, i.e. a suspended sentence, has a feeling of not being punished, because he does not feel it every day – he adds.

Animals are hurt every day, the phone in foundations that save pets rings constantly. – The puppy was thrown into a bag and kicked to such an extent that it stopped walking, or a bitch, whose two puppies were beaten to death with a shovel in the forest, and she herself suffered terrible skull and mouth injuries, did not have a single whole bone – lists Sylwia Polczyńska from the Foundation for Judith’s puppies.

Photo of a dog found in a bagGlogow Police

Even in these cases of cruel abuse, there are also suspended sentences. In the more than 25-year history of the Animal Rights Protection Act, no one has yet heard the maximum penalty of 5 years in prison.

– When it comes to getting the case to court, we also have a problem here, because about 60-70 percent of cases are discontinued and never go to court – says Angelika Kimbort from the Open Cages Foundation.

Abuse of animals and low social harmfulness of the act

And when the torturer is brought to court, he usually explains that he did not know that when he does not feed the dog for weeks, it causes him suffering – such an excuse is often considered a mitigating circumstance. The second is, according to the courts, the low social harmfulness of the act.

– This is the highest harmfulness of the act, because bullying someone who cannot defend themselves is the most heinous crime – says veterinarian Dorota Sumińska.

Several pellets were found in the cat’s skull The Dog Asylum Foundation

Supreme Court stated that anyone who harms animals must be aware that his actions cause suffering and pain. “There is a lack of courage to make more firm judgments. Unfortunately, law enforcement authorities very often treat these cases as the last category – emphasizes Agata Jędroś from the Society for the Protection of Animals in Wrocław.

– As long as the Polish judiciary does not judge the situation of animals through the prism of their suffering, and not what people felt or were caused by, it will be bad – says Sylwia Polczyńska.

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