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Adam Bielan comments on the possibility of a debate between Jarosław Kaczyński and Donald Tusk and the apology of the PO leader

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PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński said on Saturday that he would have entered a debate with Donald Tusk if he had first apologized. The PO leader then did so in the social media and expressed his willingness to take part in the discussion. In “Rozmowa Piasecki” on TVN24, MEP Adam Bielan, leader of the Republican Party assessed that Tusk’s answer “is a mockery, not an apology”. He also referred to issues related to the coalition agreement of his formation in the United Right.

In the Saturday interview in RMF FM, the president of Law and Justice, Jarosław Kaczyński, asked if he would agree to participate in a joint debate with Donald Tusk he replied that the PO leader would have to apologize first. – If he said “I’m sorry” because he has something to apologize for, I would of course agree – said the PiS president. Tusk reacted to these words on Twitter. “Sorry, Jarek. And now, I would like to ask for the date and place of the debate. Thank you in advance,” he wrote.


Bielan on Tusk’s words: this is a mockery, not an apology

MEP Adam Bielan, leader of the Republican Party said on Monday in “Piasecki’s Conversation” on TVN24 that Tusk’s response “is a mockery, not an apology”.

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Noting that the PiS leader had not joined any public debate for many years, Bielan stated that “Kaczyński also answered journalists’ questions, he was in a private medium in RMF”. – And please show Donald Tusk’s interview, which took place outside the liberal bubble in recent weeks and months – he said.

Bielan on the membership of the Republican Party in the United Right

The guest of “Rozmowy Piasecki” also admitted that his formation had negotiated a coalition agreement within the United Right. When asked if it had already been signed, he said that “we will inform the public at the right moment together with our partners from Law and Justice.” – It will be a confidential document, but of course we will talk about the main assumptions of the contract – he said. When asked why it would be hidden, he judged that “it has already been adopted in Polish politics, as a rule these agreements are not disclosed”.

Adam Bielan informed last week that Kamil Bortniczuk and Michał Cieślak from his party are to become ministers.

Main photo source: TVN24

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