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Monday, October 18, 2021

Adam Bielan: Kamil Bortniczuk and Michał Cieślak will be ministers

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The President of the Republican Party, Adam Bielan, announced that two politicians from this party will become ministers after the reconstruction of the government. Kamil Bortniczuk is to run the sports ministry, and Michał Cieślak is to maintain the function of minister without portfolio.

Asked on Radio Zet when the government will be reconstructed, Bielan said it was “a joint decision of the leaders of the United Right,” but most of all the prime minister who is asking for the dismissal and appointment of ministers and the president who makes such decisions.

When asked who would join the government on behalf of the Republican Party, Bielan said: – Apart from Kamil Bortniczuk, it will be Michał Cieślak, who is already a member of the Council of Ministers.

Since 2020, Cieślak has been a minister-member of the second government of Mateusz Morawiecki. Bielan said that Cieślak would continue to be a minister without a portfolio in the prime minister’s office, with the rank of “constitutional minister”. He also confirmed that Jacek Żalek will remain the deputy minister in the ministry for funds and regional policy.

Michał Cieślak and Kamil BortniczukLeszek Szymański / PAP, TVN24

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– It has long been said in our circles that the sports ministry should be excluded from the ministry of culture. I am in favor of sport being a separate department of state administration, a separate department. (…) These funds for changes will not be large, because the building of the Ministry of Sport and all the officials who work there has not changed. In fact, sport was a separate branch of public administration and it will simply be a separate department. These are slight changes – he argued.

Meeting of the Republican Party with the president

He also announced that “in the evening all MPs from the Republican Party will meet with the president.” According to him, it will be an “official meeting” at the invitation of the head of state. – We are a new entity in the United Right coalition that rules Poland. It is natural that the president wants to know our political plans. It is normal for the president to engage in this kind of dialogue, he said.

As he added, both he and Kamil Bortniczuk were very active in Duda’s re-election campaign. – I think the president also remembers about it, so these relations are very good, very warm – added Bielan.

On Sunday, Bortniczuk on Radio Zet said that, in accordance with the coalition agreement with PiS, the management of the sports department should fall to the Republican Party. Last Wednesday the president met with Bortniczuk, and his law firm, which informed about the meeting on Twitter, wrote that the MP is a candidate for the minister of sport.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański / PAP, TVN24

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