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Adam Bielan on the “best ever” result of the European elections. What he doesn’t say

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MEP Adam Bielan boasted of the election result, which was supposed to be “the best in the history of European elections”. However, only in 2019, 11 candidates achieved a better result.

Adam Bielan, MEP and president of the Republican Party, during a radio interview in Radio Zet he was asked, among other things, about the condition of his group founded in mid-2021. “Do you already have more voters than members?” – a mocking question from one of the listeners was read out by Bogdan Rymanowski, the host of the conversation. “The elections will show. I – not boasting – won over 200,000 votes in the elections to the European Parliament. The best result in the history of European electionsHe then reported that on Friday (i.e. December 2) there was a “very large” programming convention and that the party has over two thousand dues-paying members.

We checked the results of the EP elections and how many votes were cast for Adam Bielan.

The best result not in the country, but in the district

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So far, elections to the European Parliament have been organized four times in Poland: in 2004, 2009, 2014 and 2019, and only in the last but one election, Bielan did not run. Here is his balance of starts from district no. 5 located in Mazovia:

2004 -71,497 votes;
2009 – 61 305;
2019 – 207 845.

Since the head of the Republican Party spoke about over two hundred thousand support in the elections to the EP, it means that he meant the last vote. Contrary to his words, however, he did not have the best result in the history of the European elections. In 2019, five candidates running from the lists won more votes than him Law and Justice: Beata Szydło (526,811 votes in district no. 10, Kraków), Jadwiga Wiśniewska (409,373, district no. 10, Katowice), Tomasz Poręba (276,014, district no. 9, Rzeszów), Patryk Jaki (258,366, district no. 10 , Cracow). Also six candidates from the committee of the European Coalition gained more votes: Jerzy Buzek (422,445, district no. 11, Katowice), Janina Ochojska (307,227, district no. 12, Wrocław), Ewa Kopacz (252,032, district no. 7, Poznań), Róża Thun (221,279, district no. No. 10, Kraków), Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz (219 677, District No. 4, Warsaw).

In the past, Adam Bielan boasted about his historical result at least once. However, then he added a few words of clarification, which are now apparently missing. “In the last election, I won over 200,000 votes in Mazovia. The best result in the history of European elections in this constituency” – said the MEP in February 2021, also on Radio Zet. And as he checked the portal then demagog.org, it was true.

In 2019, Bielan achieved a record result when it comes to all previous winners in Warsaw District No. 5 – both in absolute and percentage terms. However, at that time, eleven candidates recorded a better result than him in the country.

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