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Adam Bodnar, Minister of Justice, talked to Dariusz Barski, national prosecutor, about his resignation. He refused

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On Wednesday, Justice Minister Adam Bodnar talked to the national prosecutor about his voluntary resignation from his position. Dariusz Barski refused – the tvn24.pl portal found out. We confirmed this information in several sources. According to our information, this was the second conversation on this topic. Barski is Zbigniew Ziobro’s trusted man. Due to the change in regulations, it is practically irrevocable by Tusk’s government.

– I won’t say anything now. I will speak out when I make personnel decisions – he told us on Wednesday evening Adam BodnarMinister of Justice in the government Donald Tusk. According to our information, this was the second conversation between Bodnar and Barski about his voluntary resignation from the position of head of the National Prosecutor’s Office.

Minister of Justice and Attorney General Adam BodnarPiotr Nowak/PAP/EPA

Barski practically irrevocable by Tusk’s government

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How we explained in Konkret24, The National Prosecutor’s Office is one of several state institutions “concreted” by the outgoing government. To dismiss the national prosecutor and his deputies, the Prime Minister requires the consent of the President. This provision has been in force only since 2016, i.e. since the beginning of the United Right government. In July 2023, an additional requirement was introduced: the president’s consent to dismiss the national prosecutor must be in writing. Therefore, Minister Ziobro’s transfer of some of the powers of the prosecutor general to his man, Dariusz Barski, who holds the position of national prosecutor, while securing Barski’s position by requiring the president’s consent to his removal, is perceived as “concreting” the National Prosecutor’s Office.

National prosecutor Dariusz BarskiPaweł Supernak/PAP

Main photo source: Piotr Nowak/PAP/EPA

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