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Adam Bodnar. Motion to express a vote of no confidence in the Minister of Justice. Proceedings of the Justice and Human Rights Committee

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On Wednesday evening, the Parliamentary Committee for Justice and Human Rights dealt with PiS’s motion to express a vote of no confidence in Justice Minister Adam Bodnar. Sebastian Kaleta from Sovereign Poland called Bodnar a “destructive minister” who acts not on the basis of law, but on political will. – When you use such beautiful expressions towards me, I have the impression that what accompanies Sovereign Poland is a kind of withdrawal syndrome – Bodnar replied to him.


The Justice and Human Rights Committee dealt with the request on Wednesday PIS to express a vote of no confidence in the Minister of Justice Adam Bodnar. The head of the PiS club announced that he had submitted a motion to dismiss Bodnar in the second half of January Mariusz Błaszczak. MEPs will debate this motion in the plenary hall on Thursday.

Kaleta: Bodnar began to rule based on political will

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At the beginning of the committee’s deliberations, the representative of the applicants, former Deputy Minister of Justice Sebastian Kaleta from Sovereign Poland, spoke.

– The proposal we have submitted is related to the unprecedented scale of abuses and violations of the law – especially the constitution – by a person who, due to the entrusted tasks, should be the first defender of democracy and law, after Poland regained the right to self-determination after 1989, said Kaleta. He added that “Adam Bodnar betrayed his oath.”

– Adam Bodnar is a destructive minister, but at the same time a symbol of the new power, which seeks to change the law in force in Poland and adopts the doctrine of its non-application and non-existence. This is the doctrine of relying solely on one’s own beliefs expressed in resolutions, opinions and communications. These types of sources, not the law, but political beliefs, have been the basis for the last two months to take over subsequent institutions in our country by force, Kaleta continued.

– Mr. Bodnar was supposed to look for a legal basis for his actions for the alleged violation of the rule of law by the previous government. He couldn’t find one, so he started ruling based on political will. As a result, it is very easy today to find the regulations that he violated with these actions. For Minister Bodnar today, there is no constitution, no laws on common courts, the National Council of the Judiciary, the Supreme Court, or the law on the prosecutor’s office.

Kaleta said that “it is the Bodnar doctrine, or the doctrine of non-existence.” – He assumed that if he did not like the law passed after 2015, the law simply did not exist, did not bind him, did not apply – he continued.

Kaleta: Bodnar began to rule based on political willTVN24

Bodnar: the legislative process to repair the rule of law will be very intense

– Actually, I’m a bit surprised that you see such agency in me when we’ve just started legislative process and this legislative process – I would like to assure you – will be very intense. The Act on the National Council of the Judiciary has already been submitted to the Sejm, then there will be an Act on the system of common courts, there will be an Act on the Supreme Court, an Act on the Constitutional Tribunal, and finally there will be an Act on court and prosecutor’s office employees, which has unfortunately been forgotten in recent years. And several other solutions, including an act that I have been seeking for decades, an act on the execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights – said the Minister of Justice.

– But since we are looking at historical issues this way, I would like to remind you what has happened in recent years, because the MP makes these accusations so easily, but no matter how you look at it, over the last eight years it has happened that several judges in Poland were suspended by the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court, that an entire mechanism of disciplinary repression of judges was built, and that slanderous campaigns against the courts were carried out. We are waiting for an explanation of the hate scandal, in which – as everything indicates – representatives of the Ministry of Justice were involved – he reminded.

– We can remember what happened with the demotions of prosecutors under the law passed in 2016, and how many people were subject to demotions. Not by dismissal from the delegation, but by demotion. Without any possibility of appeal or even any possibility of discussion, he continued. He added that “the prosecutor’s office was used in various ways to cover up various misdeeds that have occurred in recent years.”

Minister of Justice, Attorney General Adam Bodnar during a meeting of the Sejm Committee on Justice and Human Rights PAP/Tomasz Gzell

Bodnar: I have the impression that what accompanies Sovereign Poland is a withdrawal syndrome

In the next part of his speech, Bodnar again referred to the words that Sebastian Kaleta addressed to him.

– When you use such various beautiful expressions in my address, I have the impression that what accompanies Sovereign Poland is a withdrawal syndrome that you would really like (…) to stay stuck in this pattern of giving money away and not incurring no responsibility, no handing out cards – he turned to the representative of Sovereign Poland.

– What is for me one of the biggest challenges that I am currently facing together with my wonderful team, in whom I have absolute trust, is that on the one hand we have to face repairing the reality that was created by you, in which there was an abuse of citizen’s trust, the principle of citizen’s trust in the state and the rules of the rule of law were violated in various ways – he continued.

– These judgments of the European Court of Human Rights or the Court of Justice of the European Union did not come out of thin air, they are a very consistent result of the actions that have been caused over recent years, but what I have to deal with is simply the situation in the Ministry of Justice – he said.

Bodnar: I have the impression that what accompanies Sovereign Poland is a withdrawal syndrome

Bodnar: I have the impression that what accompanies Sovereign Poland is a withdrawal syndromeTVN24

Paszyk: This proposal absolutely deserves to be rejected

Krzysztof Paszyk, head of the PSL-Trzecia Droga club, reacted to Sebastian Kaleta’s words.

– What did you leave behind that Poles will recognize you for today in this justice system? That it is 2-3 times longer before the courts, that it is several times more expensive, that there is absolutely no sense of justice after these eight years – he turned to the representatives of the previous government camp. He stated that “there is not the slightest public trust in these actions and there was never.” – They will remember you for the fact that the money that was supposed to be used to equalize injustice and provide care for crime victims was spent, amounting to many millions of zlotys, on the purchase of software used to persecute and surveil the opposition, because that’s what Pegasus was used for, he continued.

– They will remember that these reforms and your actions were tolerated by a group of haters in the prosecutor’s office, whose task was not to prosecute criminals, not to meet the expectations that you promised citizens, but to pursue, discredit, insult and harass prosecutors who were not tolerated and disliked by the authorities – he continued. Paszyk.

– On behalf of the Polish People’s Party-Third Way parliamentary club, we believe that the motion you submitted is absolutely groundless. Today, there is neither a shadow of doubt nor a shadow of objection to the activities of Minister Adam Bodnar – he emphasized.

He added that the motion to express a vote of no confidence in Bodnar is “lined with pure hypocrisy” and “absolutely deserves to be rejected.”

Main photo source: PAP/Tomasz Gzell

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