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Adam Bodnar recommended the dismissal of 144 prosecutors. There is a statement from the National Prosecutor’s Office

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The National Prosecutor’s Office announced on Friday that the Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General Adam Bondar instructed the National Prosecutor to dismiss a total of 144 prosecutors from their delegations. Including 94 from the National Prosecutor’s Office and 50 from Regional Prosecutor’s Offices. The Ministry of Justice announced the decision on Thursday.

The statement of the National Prosecutor’s Office was issued – as it was written – “in response to numerous inquiries from journalists.”

“The simultaneous dismissal of 144 prosecutors who perform their official duties in the National Prosecutor’s Office and Regional Prosecutor’s Offices will result in negative and irreversible legal consequences for the proceedings, and in particular for the injured parties involved in these cases,” we read in the document posted on the prosecutor’s office’s website.

“By weakening the staff of regional prosecutors’ offices, Prosecutor General Adam Bodnar will extend the most complicated multi-threaded and multi-person proceedings, which will have negative consequences for thousands of people injured in these cases,” it added.

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The Minister of Justice concluded the delegation of prosecutors

On Thursday, the Ministry of Justice announced in a statement that “on January 4, 2024, the Prosecutor General found it necessary to end the delegation to the National Prosecutor’s Office of prosecutors from district and district prosecutor’s offices (94 people), as well as prosecutors from district prosecutor’s offices from regional prosecutor’s offices (50 people), while maintaining prescribed notice periods.

As the Prosecutor General justified, when making this decision “he took into account the difficult staffing situation of the organizational units of the two lowest-level units (i.e. district prosecutor’s offices and district prosecutor’s offices), in order to ensure staffing stabilization of these units.” “An important aspect of the decision was the concern to ensure faster and more effective conduct of proceedings in these prosecutors. From a citizen’s perspective, this will mean faster and more effective conduct of proceedings,” it added.

It was noted that “this decision was preceded by prior obtaining and analyzing information about prosecutors performing duties in the National Prosecutor’s Office and regional prosecutor’s offices.”

Main photo source: Piotr Nowak/PAP/EPA

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