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Adam Bodnar wrote a letter to all prosecutors

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A month after taking up the position of Prosecutor General, Adam Bodnar wrote a letter to all prosecutors, assessors, assistants and employees of prosecutor’s offices. In it, he indicated his most important goals and challenges facing the prosecutor’s office.

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Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General Adam Bodnar wrote that he “treats his function as an honor, but above all, an obligation to society demanding the restoration and guarantee of the standards of the rule of law.”

As he stated, over the last eight years the prosecutor’s office has been subject to “negative changes related to the limitation of prosecutor’s independence and its politicization” and “as a result, it has become a body focusing on the implementation of particular interests.”

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“I notice this despite the short period of my tenure in the position entrusted to me. I hope that my previous social, state and scientific experience will be an added value for the prosecutor’s office,” he added.

First, “restoring proper European standards”

He wrote that “he cares about protecting the rule of law and striving to remain faithful to the provisions of the constitution” and therefore “first of all he will take actions aimed at restoring appropriate European standards of functioning of the prosecutor’s office.”

“In accordance with the opinion of the Consultative Council of European Prosecutors (…) on European standards and principles shaping the status of prosecutors in all legal systems, prosecutors contribute to ensuring the rule of law, in particular through fair, impartial and effective justice, and prosecutors act on behalf of society and in the public interest, in order to protect human rights and freedoms,” Bodnar pointed out in the letter. “I would like these factors to shape the basis for the operation of the Prosecutor’s Office until the functions of the Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor General are separated,” he declared.

“I will do everything to ensure that they can be implemented on a daily basis in the performance of your official duties. I do not exclude the use of instruments available to the Prosecutor General in this respect, but they will be transparent and I will personally take responsibility for them. I will not allow a situation in which illegal actions were taken within the prosecutor’s office affecting the independence of the prosecutor,” wrote the Prosecutor General.

Bodnar on challenges

Bodnar noted in the letter that “the challenges faced by the prosecutor’s office in a democratic state of law include not only changes relating to axiological issues, but also to restoring basic justice within the prosecutor’s office in many aspects of its functioning.”

He wrote that the prosecutor’s office must, among other things, ensure staff stability, improve the “material well-being of employees” and end the “stagnation of remuneration of clerical staff.” Bodnar wants to “ensure fairer working conditions”, but also to meet the challenge of “full computerization of the prosecutor’s office”.

Bodnar on “a matter of state importance” and “a task of great importance”

As he stated, “we face challenges related to social changes, of which the prosecutor’s office is an important part.” “The long-suppressed process of Poland’s real participation in the European justice space has been unblocked. The commenced procedure of joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office as part of enhanced cooperation will strengthen Poland’s position as a trusted partner engaging in all activities that combat financial fraud to the detriment of the European Union,” wrote the minister.

“It is a matter of state importance to start work on a new systemic law regarding the prosecutor’s office and related changes to the Code of Criminal Procedure. Social dialogue should play a decisive role on this path. A task of great importance is to create an authentic representation of prosecutors to safeguard the independence of prosecutors. The first step is To achieve this goal, we need to strengthen the role of the National Council of Prosecutors, which is slowly taking place,” he added.

“I am deeply convinced that in 2024 we will be able to jointly increase the sense of satisfaction and contentment resulting from work in the prosecutor’s office and the related improvement of both the material status, but also the organizational culture, as well as restoring respect for the everyday efforts of the prosecutor’s service and officials. prosecutor’s office. I also wish all of you every success in your personal life,” we read in a letter to prosecutors.

Main photo source: Rafał Guz/PAP

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