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Adam Glapiński. Legal liability. Donald Tusk comments

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There are many reasons and paths that may lead to legal liability for the President of the National Bank of Poland, Adam Glapiński, said Prime Minister Donald Tusk in an interview on Friday. He assured that the new coalition will certainly find such opportunities.

– We are dealing with different legal interpretations – he said Donald Tusk. – People who are very attached to the law and the constitution knew from the very beginning that for various reasons, including formal ones, Mrs Julia Przyłębska she is not the head of the Constitutional Tribunal, the Prime Minister emphasized.

Tusk: we will find ways to hold Glapiński accountable

He stated that there was “an idea to use this body with Julia Przyłębska for an unprecedented pardon of Glapiński before any procedures were initiated.”

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– I don’t want the impression that this is about hunting down Glapiński – he noted.

– There are many reasons and paths that may lead to the legal liability of the President of the NBP, Adam Glapiński. – In my opinion, this strange verdict by Mrs. Przyłębska is not binding, but there are different ways for Glapiński to be held accountable and we will find these ways – Tusk said.

Constitutional Court decided on Thursday that the provisions on bringing the president of the NBP before the State Tribunal, including the provision for automatic suspension of the head of the central bank after the Sejm votes on the motion to bring him before the Court of Justice, are unconstitutional.

Submitting an application to bring the President of the NBP before the State Tribunal was included in the so-called 100 Concretes, the election program of the Civic Coalition. Prime Minister Donald Tusk said in December that a State Tribunal could face Glapiński not for mistakes in monetary policy, but for possible violations of the law. He added that his political formation would not do anything that would disturb stability or undermine the reputation of the Polish state in Europe or abroad.

The central bank will not contribute to the budget. Tusk: this is a sign of bad will

Donald Tusk also referred to the PLN 6 billion of NBP profit, which the central bank will not transfer to the state budget. Information about this amount was previously provided by the central bank to the Ministry of Finance during the government PIS. Later it turned out that the NBP would have a loss at the end of 2023, possibly a record loss, which would mean that no money would go to the budget. – This is not something that stabilizes the budget situation, it is just a sign of bad will. This is not the government’s budget, but Poland’s, Tusk said.

– It would be easier to implement the expenses we have committed to if the NBP and Glapiński did not keep the money for themselves, but paid it, said the Prime Minister.

He stated that he did not like the NBP’s decision, but he respected it. – However, I do not intend to question this decision, it is the prerogative of the National Bank of Poland – he emphasized.

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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