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Adam Niedzielski revealed what the doctor prescribed himself. The Left submits a notification to the prosecutor’s office regarding the Minister of Health

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The co-chairman of the New Left, Robert Biedroń, confirmed that his party would file a report with the prosecutor’s office regarding the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski. – Such actions are the pathology of the state – he declared, referring to the politician’s disclosure of the details of the prescription issued to him by the doctor.

Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski revealed on Friday that doctor Piotr Pisula, who in the material of “Fakty” TVN talked about the problems of patients without access to prescriptions, prescribed certain drugs. The minister has publicly disclosed the name of the doctor.

Many representatives of the medical community and organizations reacted to Niedzielski’s entry, including the Supreme Medical Chamber. In her Friday entry, it was noted that Niedzielski, who is not a doctor, “in retaliation checks what drugs and to whom this doctor issues and announces it on Twitter.”

Comments after the minister’s entry: “After all, this is the third world”, “admit to surveillance”

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On Saturday morning, NIL announced that it would submit a notification to the prosecutor’s office in connection with the possibility of committing a crime by Minister Niedzielski. The notification will concern an offense under Article 231 § 1 of the Penal Code. It was added that notifications will also be sent to the Ombudsman, the Ombudsman for Patients’ Rights and the Office for Personal Data Protection.

§ 1. A public official who, by exceeding his powers or failing to fulfill his duties, acts to the detriment of the public or private interest, shall be subject to the penalty of deprivation of liberty for up to 3 years.

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The Minister of Health “uses methods that this authority has already used before”

Members of the Left also spoke about the entry of the Minister of Health at the Saturday conference in Międzyzdroje. Co-chairman of the New Left, MEP Robert Biedron mentioned that “we see that when it comes to health security, it’s under government PIS nothing has changed”.

– Minister Niedzielski has led to the fact that we not only have a total collapse in the health service, but above all, he uses methods that this authority has already used before. Today, we are no longer Poland, which is a free, democratic Poland in the context of the security of its citizens. We have the Pegasus state – he assessed.

As Biedroń said, “Today, the Polish state, with the help of Minister Niedzielski’s entry, reveals the patient’s secret, the doctor’s secret.” – The Left will never agree to such actions. Such actions are the pathology of the state, he stressed.

– I have the impression that now I have listed successive scandals in which citizens fall victim to the state, which should defend us, that PiS has taken the Orwellian textbook and translates it one to one into our reality. I have the impression that everything that seemed to us some impossible dystopia that will never function in any country suddenly begins to function in Poland, said the politician of the Left.

The Left will submit a notification to the prosecutor’s office regarding the Minister of Health

Biedroń then announced that his group was “submitting a report to the prosecutor’s office in the case of Minister Niedzielski, in connection with the violation of the powers of a public official under Article 231 of the Criminal Code, which says about the violation of powers by an officer.”

– It cannot be that the most important people in the country, responsible for our health and our safety, treat patients as living electoral shields, treat doctors as their enemies. It cannot be that the Minister of Health responsible for cooperation with doctors today has completely lost trust among the medical community – he added.

Recalling that the Supreme Medical Chamber also decided to notify the investigators, Biedroń explained that “The Left follows in the footsteps of doctors, will support them in the fight for the good of the patient, but also for the dignified performance of the profession of doctor, nurse, and all people working in health care.”

Conference of the Left in MiędzyzdrojeTVN24

Appeal to the Ombudsman. “Niedzielski participates in the election campaign”

Biedroń also turned to the Commissioner for Human Rights. – We call for action to clarify the activities of Minister Niedzielski. We appeal to the Commissioner for Human Rights to thoroughly explain the case regarding the disclosure of patient data, also because Minister Niedzielski is participating in the election campaign, he declared.

– As we all know, he will be a candidate in the nearest elections elections parliamentary. Therefore, there is a justified fear that having access to the sensitive data of millions of Polish women and men, what diseases they are treated for, what drugs they take, what doctor they go to, what hospital they stayed in, he will try to use this data as he used it with this last entry – assessed the MEP.

Minister’s statement

On Saturday afternoon, Niedzielski published a statement in which he argued that he acted “on the one hand to defend the good name of the Ministry of Health, but above all to defend the interests of the patient.”

He explained that the public provision of information about issuing a prescription “was aimed at counteracting the unlawful publication of false data, alleging that it was not possible to issue a prescription for drugs from the group of psychotropic and analgesic drugs”. According to the minister, this information “introduced unjustified fear among patients as to the inability to obtain the prescription they were entitled to”. “It required a firm reaction and leveling the patients’ uncertainty that was sown by the doctor’s statements.” – added.

Niedzielski further wrote that “no one had access to the data saved on the account of the indicated doctor and no one interfered with this account”. “There has been no violation of any law,” he said. He then stated that the Minister of Health “has the right to access information on the issue of a pro auctore prescription by a given person (for the person issuing the prescription – editor’s note)”. This access, he wrote, “is not through individual doctor or patient control.”

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