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Adam Niedzielski, the Minister of Health, resigned. Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus and Michał Kobosko comment

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Adam Niedzielski will cease to be the Minister of Health. Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus from the Left club said in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 that this decision “is too late”. She added that the resignation showed that the situation related to the disclosure of data on prescribed drugs “in the PiS electorate was unacceptable”. Michał Kobosko from Poland 2050 said that this resignation “does not end the matter” and that it must “be thoroughly checked and must be thoroughly and fairly judged.”

– This morning, during a conversation with Minister Adam Niedzielski, I decided to accept his resignation as minister. At the same time, I also decided to propose this function to MP Katarzyna Sójka, announced the Prime Minister on Tuesday afternoon Mateusz Morawiecki.

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In recent days, a wave of criticism has poured out on Niedzielski after revealed to the public what doctor Piotr Pisula had prescribed on the prescription. It was Pisula, a member of the presidium of the District Medical Council of the Wielkopolska Chamber of Physicians, who previously spoke about “Fakty” TVN problems with prescriptions after the changes introduced by the ministry.

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Scheuring-Wielgus on Niedzielski’s resignation: this decision is too late

The dismissal of Niedzielski was referred to in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 by the member of the Left club, Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus, and the vice-president of Poland 2050, Michał Kobosko.

– First of all, this decision is too late. Let me remind you that it was Minister Niedzielski who said for the last several days that the doctors lied and that he was telling the truth and also said that he had not done anything (wrong – ed.) – said the Left MP. She added that “today’s resignation shows one important thing – that in the electorate PiS this situation was unacceptable.”

As she continued, Adam Niedzielski “is now not a minister, but Mr. Adam Niedzielski, who should still stand trial and answer for making the doctor’s data public and making information about this doctor public.” – I hope that the application submitted to the prosecutor’s office by Lewica will be considered and Mr. Adam Niedzielski will stand before the prosecutor’s office and stand trial – she added.

Kobosko: resignation does not end the matter

Michał Kobosko was asked if Niedzielski’s resignation ends the matter. – No, of course it does not end the matter, because we are talking about something, activity in the most delicate area, the most sensitive for each and every one of us, about the area of ​​privacy that should be protected in every democratic country in the maximum possible way. Here, the minister, in an absolutely arrogant, absolutely impudent manner, publicly used Dr. Pisula’s private data and informed the world about it – he said.

He added that “such a matter cannot simply end with resignation.” – It must be thoroughly checked and it must be thoroughly and fairly judged. And if it doesn’t happen before electionsthis will happen after the election. You cannot let go when the law is brazenly violated, when our fundamental freedoms are violated, when the minister shows that he does it because he can. And this is how this authority has behaved so far – said the representative of Poland 2050.

Kobosko: resignation does not end the matter TVN24

“It’s going to be a very hot time for sure”

The guests of the program also referred to the fact that the president Andrzej Duda announced that the parliamentary elections will be held on October 15. – It seems to me that PiS thought that it might cover up information about Niedzielski’s resignation. But it failed, because we have to talk about Niedzielski, because he was a really bad health minister, assessed Scheuring-Wielgus.

– We, as the Left, are prepared organisationally, marketing and financially. We are glad that the president finally let it out (when the elections will take place – ed.) – she added.

Michał Kobosko said that “an extremely hot time, full of emotions, awaits us.” – It’s a short time, it’s 68 days. We know that PiS has so far broken, as it should be said, electoral law in Poland, organizing these 800 plus picnics, putting up hundreds, thousands of posters of its future candidates along Polish roads, in Polish cities. It’s all gross violations of the law,” he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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