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Adamowo. There was a fatal accident during the sleigh ride, the 15-year-old was killed. There is an indictment, the girl’s father will stand trial

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The 40-year-old will be responsible for causing the fatal accident during a sleigh ride in which his 15-year-old daughter was killed. The indictment in this case was brought to the court in Elbląg. The man is facing eight years in prison.

According to Sławomir Karmowski, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Elbląg, the indictment in the case of causing a traffic accident in which the 15-year-old died was brought to court.

The tragedy happened in January this year in the town of Adamowo (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship). A 40-year-old Renault driver pulled three plastic bags on a string behind the car, six people on them, two on each bag.

At the bend, the last couple ran out of the way and hit a tree. Two teenagers suffered injuries then. A 15-year-old daughter of the driver died in hospital. The second girl had a broken arm and head contusions.

The girls were riding on bags pulled by the cartvn24

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The man pleaded guilty

The proceedings in the case of the accident were conducted by the District Prosecutor in Elbląg, who commissioned experts to prepare an opinion. According to prosecutor Karmowski, in cases concerning road accidents – except in obvious situations – it is necessary to obtain an opinion of an expert in the field of road traffic. The expert explains the cause of the accident and what safety rules in road traffic have been violated. – In this case, the most important evidence is the opinion, which shows that the perpetrator violated the rules of safety in land traffic in such a way that on a public road he was dragging bags behind the car with people participating in the sleigh ride, and such activities are prohibited by road traffic regulations explained the prosecutor.


Karmowski added that the accused pleaded guilty. The man is threatened with from six months to eight years in prison. The accused was sober at the time of the accident. The police indicate that the road traffic regulations categorically prohibit the pulling of a person on skis, sleds, roller skates or other similar device. Organizing such a sleigh ride is an offense for which the driver may be punished with a 500 zloty fine and penalty points by a police officer or an even higher fine by the court.

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