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Adaś Lis fights for a better life. But he needs help

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Adam is only three years old. From the moment he was born, he showed that he was a warrior. Now his inner strength is not enough. Adult strength is needed. All those who would like to help.

After breakfast and the first dose of tablets, it’s time to play and learn. Every morning Adaś sets out to explore the world and takes his first steps in it. These are real trips and fun, because his dad takes him to kindergarten. – He falls over, but he keeps pushing his hands away from us. No, he alone, he alone, we are amazed at all – says Janusz Lis, Adam’s father.

The boy was supposed to have a brother and he was supposed to be healthy. – Adaś was born in the sixth month, I was also pregnant with twins, I was expecting two children. Adam was born as an only child. He was hypoxic, had no circulation, had cerebral hemorrhages, then epilepsy, he spent three months in the ICU – says Wioletta Kaczmarczyk, Adam’s mother.

Apart from birth defects, there was love from the first moment. – I felt joy, happiness that Adaś was born – admits the boy’s father. Now the fight is on for the three-year-old to have good hands. The right hand is boneless, both hands are vestigial, and the fingers are missing and fused together. Surgery for over PLN 300,000 is a salvation, because the procedure is not reimbursed and happiness is still missing. – Moving one of the fingers, because Adaś doesn’t have a thumb. This operation consists in the fact that one of the fingers will be moved in place of the non-existent thumb, so that Adaś has a better grip – explains Adaś’s mother.

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Extraordinary determination

The boy, however, still amazes others. – Adaś, when he came to our kindergarten, was a child who could not walk, he was sitting. With the help of his parents or an adult, he got up. However, now, as you have seen, Adaś is able to take a few steps on his own – says Monika Grudowska, Adam’s tutor. Adaś felt great when journalists and artists went out on the ice for him. – We want to give Adaś the best possible start in life, that’s why we do everything to provide him with the best possible development – emphasizes Adam’s mother.

– What can you wish for Addie? That he would go on, just like he is going, forward all the time, and develop – emphasizes the boy’s dad.

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