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AdBlue – price increase. Why? If? Forecasts – TVN Turbo’s “Report”

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The price of diesel exhaust gas cleaning fluid – AdBlue – is rising. This year, the increase is already around 100 percent. Can this product be missing on the Polish market? Material from the “Report” program on TVN Turbo.

– Imagine that the product becomes 100 percent more expensive month by month. It is very disturbing, even tragic from our point of view – said Artur Kamiński, head of the transport company Artex Transport.


AdBlue price increase

The prices of AdBlue, a liquid for cleaning diesel exhaust gases, have soared. The reason is the situation on the raw materials market. According to Bernadeta Szybińska, president of the management board of Mital – the distributor of Noxa AdBlue, quoted by the trans.info portal, the price of the product in Poland has already increased by about 100 percent. compared to April and May prices.

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– The production costs associated with the fact that natural gas, which is necessary to obtain ammonia, which is an important element in the production of AdBlue, is becoming more expensive, said Dr. Jakub Bogucki from the e-petrol.pl portal.

Without this additive, modern diesels – including trucks – are immobilized.

Kamiński has an AdBlue distributor for his drivers in his database. – Filling has so far cost PLN 1 per liter, or PLN 5,000. And at the end of October it is PLN 10,000, which is 100 percent higher – he explained.

Accessibility problems

The specter of a lack of liquid in the market looms on the horizon. According to the trans.info portal, Slovakia secures its stocks, and Hungary limits the amount of one-off purchase to 100 liters. In Poland, we are in a slightly better position.

– I expect a certain increase in AdBlue. I do not expect, at least nothing to indicate it, that the dispensers will be dry or no AdBlue will be available. It will simply be more expensive – noticed Bogucki.

The situation may calm down in mid-November, when, as announced, the Russians will release more gas to the market.

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