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Adele in the first interview in five years. Divorce, motherhood, work on oneself – among the topics of conversation

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Adele will release new material, which she confirmed in the first press interview in five years. The 33-year-old winner of an Academy Award and multiple Grammy Awards also referred to the change in her appearance and comments about it.

Adele was the first star to appear on two covers of the November issue of Vogue magazine simultaneously – British and American. The photo sessions from which the covers are taken were taken in two different locations by two different photographers. The texts accompanying the sessions were also written by two different journalists. The American edition of the magazine also published Adele’s first interview in five years, in which she told about divorce, motherhood and returning to the studio after six years.

Adele met Simon Konecki in mid-2011, and Angelo James was born a year later. Their wedding took place in 2016, however, in 2019, the singer filed for divorce, and the formalities ended in 2021. “I was unhappy,” said Adele. – Neither of us did anything wrong, neither of us hurt each other, and so on. It was like this: I wanted my son to see me how I really love and am loved. It is really important to me, she explained to Abby Aguirre.

The singer confessed that she managed to survive the divorce period, taking care of herself and working on material for the new album. Speaking about Konecki, she emphasized that “he is not one of her exes, but the father of her child”. – It was more about my divorce from myself. Something like: “dude, this is fucking chaos, get this shit up!” she added with a laugh.

– There were a lot of sound therapies, a lot of meditation, a lot of therapy sessions. I spent a lot of time with myself – she confessed.

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Adele on other women’s comments: I was disappointed

Adele also commented on recent press releases commenting on the fact that she had lost weight. She explained that she has been exercising regularly in the gym since the beginning of the pandemic. – I have this time only for myself. I have found that when I exercise, I have no anxiety states. It was never about losing weight. I just thought that if I could make my body physically strong – and I could feel it and see it – maybe someday I would be strong emotionally and mentally, ”Adele explained.

She pointed out that she was working on herself for herself, not for others, so she did not document her metamorphosis on social networks. – My body has been objectified since the beginning of my career. Not only now. I understand why this may shock you. I can understand why some women got hurt by this. I visually represented many of them, but I’m still the same person, she said.

– The most brutal comments about my body were made by other women. I was fucking disappointed with that. And it really hurt my feelings – she confessed.

Adele on the new album

The singer confirmed the rumors that she is dating sports agent Richard Paul. As she added, they were friends before they started dating. “He was always there, but I didn’t see him,” she said. She confessed that she first met him a few years ago at one of the parties.

When asked about her fourth studio album, she said it wouldn’t be a typical divorce record. – It is a very sensitive album, I love it very much. I always said that “21” (Adele’s second album – ed.) Ceased to be my album. Many people took it to heart. But in this case, I won’t give it back that easily. This is my album. Of course, I want to share myself with others, but I think it will be my album forever – she confessed.

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