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Adele reacts to a series of unpleasant incidents: just dare

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During Saturday’s show in Las Vegas, Adele addressed a recent series of incidents where fans threw objects at the artists on stage. Bebe Rexha, for example, was hit in the face with a phone call, the singer was hospitalized. Adele warned concert participants against similar behavior.

– Have you noticed that recently people forget about concert etiquette? They just throw things on the stage. have you seen them? Adele said, referring to a series of unpleasant and sometimes dangerous incidents caused by fans throwing objects on stage.

The artist warned the gathered against similar behavior. “Just dare to throw something at me,” she told fans gathered in the concert hall of the Caesars Palace hotel. – Stop throwing things at the artists! she appealed.

During Saturday’s performance, the singer also stated that she “was watching these people (throwing – ed.)”. – They’ve lost their minds. Can you imagine something like that? she said from the stage.

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A series of unpleasant, even dangerous incidents

The practice of throwing at performers is nothing new. The Beatles were once showered with jelly beans, Tom Jones was regularly pelted with panties, David Bowie was hit with a lollipop, and pieces of breaded chicken were aimed at Harry Styles.

In recent times, however, cases of throwing objects on stage, in particular smartphones, have become more and more common, estimates The Guardian. Telephones are often sent to performers. Fans hope that their favorite artist will pick up the camera they throw and take a selfie with it or record a fragment of the concert on video. Their hopes are not unfounded. In the past, singers such as Doja Cat, Olivia Rodrigo or Billie Eilish left similar mementos on fans’ phones.

Recently, however, a series of unpleasant and sometimes even dangerous incidents have taken place. Last week, Pink stopped performing after a sack filled with human ashes was thrown at her. The incident was captured on video later shared on social media. On it you can hear the singer asking a fan if “that’s his mother”, and after receiving an affirmative answer, she says that she “doesn’t know how I feel about it”.

June 17 a telephone was thrown at Bebe Rexha. The artist was hit in the face. The impact was so strong that the star fell to her knees in pain. She was escorted off stage by security and taken to the hospital. Also in June, country singer Kelsea Ballerini was hit in the face with an unspecified object.

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