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Advance payment collected, drones to Ukraine not delivered. There is an investigation into a Polish company

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The Warsaw prosecutor’s office has initiated an investigation to find out whether the Polish company has committed fraud in the delivery of drones to the Ukrainian army. Two hundred ordered machines did not arrive in Ukraine, the company did not settle the 530,000 euro advance payment. The case is also being investigated by, inter alia, Military Counterintelligence Service.

We described the backstage of the transaction between a small Polish arms dealer and a Ukrainian recipient on tvn24.pl a week ago.

– The prosecutor decided to initiate an investigation. It is about the suspicion of committing a crime described in article 286 of the Penal Code, paragraph 1, says Katarzyna Skrzeczkowska, spokesman for the Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor’s Office.

Whoever, in order to gain financial benefits, causes another person to disadvantageously dispose of their own or someone else’s property by misleading them or exploiting an error or inability to properly understand the action taken, shall be subject to the penalty of deprivation of liberty for a term of between 6 months and 8 years.

In addition, the prosecutor, when initiating the investigation, assumed that any fraud may concern “property of significant value”, which raises criminal liability up to ten years in prison in the event of a final conviction.

Flying eyes for soldiers

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The Ukrainian entrepreneur Taras Troiak was looking for drones for the Ukrainian army. The funds for their purchase – EUR 1.5 million – came from a collection organized by a Ukrainian charity foundation. Formally, the recipient of the equipment was to be Quadro.ua.

– The time of delivery was the key for us, only the price came second. We wanted to send “flying eyes” to the soldiers fighting on the front lines as soon as possible – said Troiak in an interview with a journalist from tvn24.pl.

Drone for the US Army

Troiak knew what specific model he was interested in. He wanted the equipment of the French manufacturer Parrot Anafi USA, which was developed in cooperation with the American army. Therefore, it is classified as dual-use equipment, which means that for export outside the European Union it requires the consent of the department for trading in sensitive goods in the Ministry of Development and Technology.

The Ukrainian entrepreneur first contacted the producer directly and he sent him back to the Polish distributor. Here, he was shown Dariusz M. from a well-known defense company.

The drone was created for the needs of the USArma as evidenced by the inscription on the packaging

Parrot Anafi boxThe drone was created for the needs of the USArma as evidenced by the inscription on the packagingtvn24.pl

M. is a retired officer of the elite GROM unit. His military career was related to logistics, he finished it with the rank of major a decade ago. – As soon as I found out what Dariusz M. had done, I dismissed him disciplinarily from work. In this case, my company is also a victim, so please do not use its name in the media, said the president and owner of the company.

Two offers

What did M. do? He presented two offers to the Ukrainian client. Six drones were to be provided by the company he worked for, and another two hundred by another: Level11. The first of them quickly obtained ministerial approvals for the export of six machines and completed the order. The second one accepted a prepayment of 1.5 million euros, but did not send the equipment to Ukraine. She did not even apply – which we checked – to the ministry for permission to re-export the drones. The recipients were only returned about EUR 900,000, and they are still in arrears with the amount of EUR 530,000.

The guilty Ukrainian recipient

We got to Paweł Krzykowski, the owner of Level11. It was also a former soldier. We asked why he hadn’t refunded the full amount even though he didn’t deliver the goods. Ultimately, he did not agree to authorize his statements, he sent us an e-mail. He blamed the Ukrainian side for the failure of the transaction.

“I would like to emphasize that the delivery in accordance with applicable law was possible provided that the Ukrainian company provided a complete set of documents indicated in the offer and on the terms presented in the offer. There were no omissions on the part of Level11 in the implementation of the offer” – he wrote.

The services are x-raying

According to unofficial information, the transaction is also being analyzed by the Military Counterintelligence Service. – We have received information that there is a thread in the case of invoking influence in the secret services. We verify how real it is – we heard from one of the SKW officers.

Main photo source: tvn24.pl

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