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Afghanistan. Iran resumed the export of fuels: gasoline and diesel

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Iran resumed the supply of gasoline and diesel fuel to Afghanistan a few days ago. It happened after the country’s ruling Taliban lowered tariffs on fuels, Reuters reported, citing Iranian associations of oil, gas and fuel exporters.

Shi’ite-dominated Iran suspended fuel exports to Afghanistan last week after the Sunni Taliban took power in the country, the Reuters agency said.


Iran is resuming fuel exports to Afghanistan

“The Taliban sent a message to Iran: you can continue exporting petrochemicals,” Hamid Hosejni, a spokesman for the Iranian exporters’ association, told Reuters on Monday.

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He added that trade resumed a few days ago after the Taliban lowered tariffs on Iranian fuels to 70 percent. For security reasons, some Iranian companies still fear exporting their products to Iran, said Hosejni.

Due to the Taliban offensive and a large number of panicked refugees, the price of gasoline in Afghanistan has soared last week; to prevent further increases, the Taliban sought to resume fuel exports from Iran, writes Reuters

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The Taliban control almost all of AfghanistanPAP

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / STRINGER

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