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Friday, September 17, 2021

Afghanistan. Panjshir Valley. BBC: Taliban Kill Civilians

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The Taliban, who entered the Panjshir Valley several days ago, are accused of murdering at least 20 civilians living in this region of Afghanistan, reports the BBC. The British website stressed that it had evidence that the Taliban were breaking their promise to refrain from retaliating against the inhabitants of the last region that resisted them. Among other things, the BBC describes a video of an execution on one of the valley roads.

Fighters from the National Defense Front (GFR) gathered around Ahmad Masud, the famous son Mujahideen commanders Ahmad Shah Masud and soldiers of the Afghan government army have gathered in the Panjshir Valley, where they have been resisting the Taliban for several weeks. In the first week of September, a Taliban spokesman announced that militants had seized control of Panjshir, the last region free from their power. The Mujahideen, however, reject these claims and declare that the fighting is still ongoing.


The Taliban took over the Kabul airportPAP / EPA / STRINGER

BBC: Taliban Kill Civilians in the Panjshir Valley

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The BBC said on Monday that despite the Panjshir Valley’s cutoff, it has evidence that the Taliban are committing murders in the region, despite declarations that they will refrain from retaliating against their opponents. According to the British portal, at least 20 civilians were to be killed at the hands of the militants.

As confirmation of these reports, the BBC described a video showing the Taliban executing a man on a sandy road between the slopes surrounding the Panjshir Valley of the mountains. Although the victim was wearing a uniform, it is unclear if it was a soldier. Military outfits are a popular garment in the region, and one witness to the incident claims that the dead was a civilian.

The Soviets did not capture it, the Taliban are trying a second time. What do we know about the Pandjshir Valley?

Another Taliban victim was a shopkeeper and father of two, Abdul Sami. Local sources of the British portal claim that the man did not evacuate as the Taliban offensive progressed. He later explained to them that he was “only the owner of the store and had nothing to do with the war.” Nevertheless, the man was arrested and charged with selling SIM cards to fighters of the German Federal Republic. A few days later, Sami’s body was abandoned near his home. According to witnesses, the body showed signs of torture.


Inhabitants are leaving Panjshir

When the fighters entered the Pandjshir Valley, they encouraged the inhabitants to return to their daily activities. – If they are shopkeepers, they can go back to their stores. If they are farmers, they can go to farms. We’re here to protect them. To protect their lives and their families, argued Taliban spokesman Malavi Abdullah Rahamani.

Nevertheless, the British portal stressed, the once crowded marketplaces are deserted, and the inhabitants are trying to leave Panjshir. There are reports of food and drug shortages.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / STRINGER

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