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Afghanistan. President Ashraf Ghani blamed the US for the deterioration of the country’s situation

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The rapid deterioration of the security situation in Afghanistan is the result of the “sudden” US decision to withdraw troops, said Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. He announced that he had a plan to bring the situation under control in the country within six months.

Ghani, referring to Washington’s pressure on negotiations between Kabul and the Taliban, said the “imported, hasty” peace process “not only failed to bring peace, but also created doubts and ambiguities” among Afghans, said the PA agency.


“The current situation is caused by the sudden decision to withdraw international troops,” Ghani said. He announced that he had a plan to bring the situation under control in the country within six months. The president said that the United States supported his plan, but did not provide details.

“Declarations of war, accusations and lies cannot extend Ghani’s government. His time has passed, God forbid,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid commented in a tweet.

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Afghanistan’s security forcesJALIL REZAYEE / PAP / EPA

The Taliban take over the provincial capitals

Also on Monday, the administration of US President Joe Biden announced that it would extend the program for Afghan refugees who had previously cooperated with American organizations at home. The US State Department says the decision will help “many thousands” of Afghans and their families avoid repression and obtain asylum status in the United States.

Over the past few days, the Taliban has seized the capitals of three provinces. Currently, Afghan government forces and the Taliban clash in the suburbs of Kandahar and Herat, Afghanistan’s second and third largest city.

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996 until their power was overthrown in 2001 by US troops and allies. Since US authorities announced plans to withdraw troops in April, violence has escalated throughout the country and the Taliban began taking over parts of the country. US troops are due to leave Afghanistan by September 11 after nearly 20 years of conflict.

Main photo source: JALIL REZAYEE / PAP / EPA

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