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Afghanistan. The Taliban announce amnesty to government officials and invite Afghan women to form a government

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After entering Kabul, the Taliban took over checkpoints and patrolled the streets of the government district. News agencies report on negotiations to form a government and amnesty for government officials. The Taliban representative also called on Afghan women to join the formation of the new government.

One of the Taliban leaders, Amir Khan Muttaki, is in Kabul to negotiate with the capital’s political leaders, including Abdullah Abdullah, who headed the country’s negotiating council, and former President Hamid Karzai, an anonymous official told PA. Muttaki was the minister of higher education when the Taliban ruled the country before 2001.

The late-night talks in the Afghan capital Monday through Tuesday aim to bring non-Taliban leaders into the government, according to an PA source.


The Taliban also announced a nationwide amnesty for all government officials. They expressed the expectation that the administration staff would quickly return to their tasks. “We are announcing a general amnesty for everyone (…), so we expect you to return to your duties with full conviction,” they said in a statement quoted by the AFP agency.

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Afghan Taliban representative Enamullah Samangani also called on Afghan women to join the formation of the new government. “Our Islamic Emirate does not want women to be victims,” ​​he said on state television taken over by militants. – The structure of the government is not yet fully clear, but based on experience, it should be a government under a fully Islamist leadership and all parties should join in – he explained. Samangani’s statement was the first official comment from the Taliban after taking over the country, the PA agency reported.

“Calm night”

The night in Kabul was “relatively quiet,” the AFP news agency reported. On Tuesday morning, military planes with diplomats and civilians evacuated from Afghanistan began taking off from the airport. Runway and aprons occupied by thousands of Afghans on Monday, desperately trying to get to the planes and escape the Afghan capital, were freed from the crowds.

The dpa agency announced on Monday evening that the first German transport plane with people evacuated from Afghanistan would take off from Kabul airport. The reopening of the airport the Pentagon also confirmed.

Kabul after the Taliban entered STRINGER / PAP / EPA

US embassy staff “stay in Kabul”

USA Charge d’affaires in Kabul Ross Wilson has tried to dispel rumors that he and other embassy staff have fled the country. AFP was able to confirm that Wilson was still at the airport in Kabul, and he tweeted that “contrary to false reports, US embassy staff and I remain in Kabul and are working hard to help thousands of American citizens and Afghans at risk.”

Ahmad blames Ghani

Afghanistan’s central bank head, Ajmal Ahmady, after fleeing Kabul, questioned the loyalty of Afghan security forces and blamed President Ashraf Ghani and his – he said – inexperienced advisers for the country’s rapid collapse. “It didn’t have to end like this. I am disgusted with the lack of any planning on the part of Afghan leaders. I saw them at the airport leaving without informing others,” he reported on Twitter on Monday.

Ghani has fled abroad on Sunday after the Taliban entered Kabul, taking advantage of the withdrawal of US-led international military forces, and took control of the country. “It’s hard to believe, but it’s suspect why the Afghan National Security Forces left their positions so quickly,” Ahmady wrote, referring to claims that the surrender of the army in northern Afghanistan was the result of a conspiracy.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / STRINGER

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