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Afghanistan. The Taliban government ordered the closure of beauty salons

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The Taliban in power in Afghanistan have decided to close all beauty salons in the country, the AFP agency reported. Journalists noted that this was a new measure aimed at removing women from public life.

Ruling Afghanistan The Taliban announced on Tuesday that all beauty salons in the country must close within a month.

AFP contacted the Taliban government to find out the reason for the decision, but they said it would only become clear once all beauty salons were closed.

The closing of beauty salons was part of the Taliban’s actions when they were in power in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. In the first years, led by USA After the invasion of this country, beauty salons began to reopen. They provided employment to many Afghan women and allowed them to run their own businesses. One Afghan woman interviewed by the BBC said the Taliban were “violating women’s rights” and by this decision “now they are taking away the ability of women to serve other women”. The British website also learned from one Afghan woman that hair salons are also closing.

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After the return of the Taliban to power, beauty salons continued to function, but their windows were covered, and the faces of women in photos advertising these places were blurred.

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Blurred faces of women on the walls of beauty salons in Nangarhar province in the east of the countryPhoto from September 9, 2021PAP/Abaca

The Taliban have ruled Afghanistan since 2021. They took power after the withdrawal of the Western coalition troops, which had been there since 2001. Over the course of more than a year, the radicals introduced many restrictions on women, including prohibiting them from working outside the home. “The principles of Islam are more important to us than anything else,” Afghan officials argued ministries of virtue and vice.

Upon their return to power, the Taliban promised to flexibly apply sharia, but they are widely perceived to have reverted to the very rigorous interpretation of Koranic law they used when they first ruled Afghanistan in 1996-2001.

Residents of Kabul on recordings from September 2022Reuters Archive

In early October 2022, the Taliban banned women from the capital’s parks and amusement parks. In addition, women cannot move around in public without a male companion (husband, older brother or father), and there are strict dress codes – only a woman’s eyes may be visible in a public place.

The Taliban also restricted women’s access to work and education. In turn, in December 2022, they ordered local and foreign NGOs to stop their employees from coming to work until further notice.

The Taliban Celebrated Anniversary of Taking Power in Afghanistan (August 2022 Video)

The Taliban Celebrated Anniversary of Taking Power in Afghanistan (August 2022 Video)Reuters Archive

Main photo source: PAP/Abaca

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