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Afghanistan. The Taliban occupied Talokan, the capital of Tachar Province

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The Taliban took the city of Talokan, the capital of the Tachar province in northeast Afghanistan, on Sunday, the AFP agency reported. It is another provincial capital that was captured by the Taliban’s efforts to take control of the entire country.

According to local sources cited by a French agency, the Taliban seized Talokan, the capital of Tachar Province, on Sunday. The takeover of the city took place “without major fights”. – Islamic rebels are all over the city. Some shoot into the air to celebrate their victory, said one of the locals.


On Sunday, the Taliban also captured two other regional capitals in northern Afghanistan – Kunduz and Sar-e-Pol, and the day before Szeberghan and – as AFP writes – strengthened their influence in this part of the country. The capture of Kunduzu, located in the center of the country and 300 km away from the border with Tajikistan, is of great image importance for the Taliban. Taking control of this city is an unprecedented victory in the Taliban’s march to regain power in Afghanistan. Controlling a city also means overseeing one of the most important drug trafficking routes in the region.

The Taliban control 5 of the 34 provincial capitals in AfghanistanWATAN YAR / PAP / EPA

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They control five of the 34 Afghan provincial capitals

On Friday, the Taliban seized control of the first regional capital, Zaranj in southern Nimruz province. The Taliban already control five of the 34 Afghan provincial capitals.

Over the past three months, the Taliban has seized vast rural areas in a swift military offensive that began with the departure of international troops from the country, including in the south and west of Afghanistan, and key border posts.

A Taliban spokesman told Al-Jazeera on Sunday that there is no agreement with the Kabul government on a ceasefire. He also warned the United States against another military intervention in Afghanistan.

Main photo source: WATAN YAR / PAP / EPA

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