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Friday, December 3, 2021

Afghanistan. The Taliban will soon open schools for girls, announces UNICEF

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The Taliban assured us that they would soon allow the girls to return to high school education, the deputy head of UNICEF said on Friday. Currently, high school education in Afghanistan is only available to boys. The Taliban emphasize that education of Afghan women will only be possible with strict gender segregation.

– The acting minister of education (Afghanistan) told us that he is working on a framework plan that will be announced shortly and will allow all girls to attend secondary school. We hope it will happen very soon, said Omar Abdi, Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on Friday.


Currently, only boys can study in Afghan high schools, and neither do teachers. Girls may attend primary schools.

The Taliban opened schools, but only for boysGetty Images

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Afghan women are waiting to go back to school

The Taliban has been announcing for weeks that they will allow girls to return to school as soon as possible, the AFP agency said. She adds that, according to the representatives of the current Afghan government, the re-education of girls will only be possible if the safety of female students and strict gender segregation are ensured, in line with the strict interpretation of Muslim law promoted by the Taliban.

Abdi said that during his visit to Afghanistan, girls’ education was always the first topic of his talks with Taliban officials, who assured him that they would allow the students to return to high school. He stressed that the Taliban should not delay this decision as millions of Afghan girls have been deprived of education for over a month now.

UNICEF: The Taliban is about to announce a plan to return girls to secondary schoolGetty Images

Women and girls excluded by the Taliban

The Taliban, who had already exercised brutal and oppressive rule in Afghanistan in 1996-2001, successfully excluded women and girls from the public sphere, including education and paid work, after coming to power in the country in mid-August, AFP reminds.

He adds that these actions have met with fierce criticism from international public opinion.

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