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Afghanistan. UN: Islamic State present in almost all provinces, Taliban problems with governing the country

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The so-called Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISIS-K) is present in almost all provinces of Afghanistan and is becoming “increasingly active” and the Taliban “are unable to stop them,” warned Deborah Lyons, UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan . She also highlighted the “serious internal division” among the Taliban and the problem of building trust in society.

ISIS-K, the sworn enemy of the Taliban, is responsible for, among other things the August bombing of the Kabul airportas a result of which 170 people were killed. In her speech to the UN Security Council on Wednesday, Lyons indicated that the Taliban “appeared to rely heavily on extrajudicial arrests and killings in their actions against suspected ISIS-K members.”

– Another negative aspect was the inability of the Taliban to contain expansion [tak zwanego – przyp. red.] Islamic State (…). Once limited to a few provinces and Kabul, now (…) it seems to be present in almost every province and become more and more active – she noted.



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UN envoy on “serious internal division” among the Taliban

UN envoy Deborah Lyons added that Taliban efforts to represent the country as a government were partially hampered by a “lack of resources and capabilities” and “a political ideology that runs counter to contemporary international governance standards.” She also highlighted the “serious internal division” among the Taliban, which is an obstacle to building full self-confidence in the Afghan society.

Explosions and clashes outside the military hospital in KabulReuters

Another cause for concern, noted Deborah Lyons, is that the Taliban-shaped government was primarily Sunni Pashtuns, although the international community has repeatedly called for adequate representation of women and other ethnic groups. “The Taliban must ultimately decide whether they will govern according to the needs and rights of the diverse Afghan population, or on a narrow ideology and an even narrower ethnic base,” emphasized the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan.

A Taliban security guard at the Kabul international airport where a plane carrying Russian humanitarian aid landedpap / epa

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