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Afghanistan. Wedding of 50 couples in Kabul. Group ceremonies are becoming more and more popular

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A mass wedding of as many as 50 couples took place on Monday in Kabul, the BBC reported. Throughout Afghanistan, group ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular. Young people who decide to get married this way emphasize that it is about saving money.

As many as 50 young couples got married during one joint ceremony organized on Monday in Kabul – reports the BBC. Due to the changes introduced by those in power Afghanistan Taliban ban on dancing and music in 2021, the ceremony was serious. It was chaired by an official from the Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. He delivered a speech, after which a fragment of the Quran was recited. Then there was refreshment. After it ended, the men gathered in the wedding hall were joined by women.

As Afghan Now points out, mass wedding ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular in Afghanistan. The reason why young people decide to marry in this way is the high costs of standard wedding ceremonies.

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Wedding of 50 couples in Kabul

– A traditional wedding would cost us at least 200-250 thousand afghanis (approx. PLN 11-14 thousand), this one cost us about 10-15 thousand afghanis (approx. PLN 550-850) – admitted 18-year-old Roohullah Rezayi, one of of the participants of a group wedding organized on Monday, quoted by the BBC. A young Afghan earns about 350 afghanis a day, which is the equivalent of less than PLN 20. Organizing a traditional ceremony is beyond his financial capabilities.

Wedding of 50 couples in KabulWAKIL KOHSAR/AFP/East News

Monday’s ceremony was organized on the initiative of the local charity organization Syed Ahmad Seelab. The organization made a donation to each of 50 couples. Additionally, she supported the newlyweds with cake and gifts, including: a set of cosmetics, a carpet and several household appliances – reported the Afghan edition of VOA News.

According to local media, as many as 600 couples expressed their willingness to take part in the ceremony organized by Syed Ahmad Seelab, of which 50 were selected.

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