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After 13 years, Zakopane adopted an anti-violence resolution. “It’s a shame that it’s only happening now”

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After 13 years of opposition, Zakopane councilors adopted an anti-violence resolution. The highlanders who called for the resolution to be passed emphasize that the victims will finally not be helpless and the perpetrators will not go unpunished. Now the mayor of Zakopane has two weeks to appoint a special team and implement the resolution.

With a 13-year delay, Zakopane’s councilors adopted an anti-violence resolution. – The authorities finally gave in, finally understood that it is impossible to wade into darkness until the end – says Grzegorz Jóźkiewicz, a councilor from Zakopane.

The vote was not unanimous, as 18 councilors were in favor of the resolution and three were against. – The fact that we are meeting to proceed with this resolution is not a success, it is a shame that it is happening only now – said Mrs. Maria Szymańska, co-initiator of the “Let’s bury the violence” campaign, at the council meeting.

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This year, 20 blue cards were created in Zakopane. No one doubts that the number of beatings and humiliations is greater. – This highlander mentality from years ago still exists here, that my house is my home and don’t interfere with it – says Ms. Aleksandra Bogdanowicz, co-initiator of the “Let’s bury the violence” campaign.

Those in power in Zakopane maintained this thinking and had support. – Archbishop Jędraszewski mentioned that he is proud of our highlander nation and that he scrupulously refuses to accept this resolution – says Mrs. Aleksandra.

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A special team will be established

Even when the voivode threatened to dissolve the council, even when women took to the streets and peaks in protest, the councilors stuck to their “no” and the mythical “taking away children.” The councilors changed their minds when another project was submitted by opposition councilors, and the highlanders published a petition calling for “Burying the violence”. After collecting almost four and a half thousand signatures, the government suddenly put their draft resolution to a vote. The government plenipotentiary for equal treatment came to the sessions.

– This is the height of hypocrites at the moment, because it is more or less like the case of in vitro in the Sejm: for 8 years they were against in vitro, but since yesterday they are in favor. Suddenly, there are now races as to who will put this resolution to the vote first – said Zakopane councilor Marek Donatowicz at the meeting and asked whether the reason for this was the upcoming local government elections.

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It is important, however, that the resolution has already been passed and along with it the obligation to create an interdisciplinary team, i.e. a group of specialists who will help and take care of the victim. – If the intervention is repeated in the same place, in connection with the same act, a member of the interdisciplinary team will automatically be involved in the case – explains Mrs. Maria. – (The resolution – editor’s note) can significantly improve the quality of life of those people who experience this violence, even because the perpetrator will have it in the back of his mind that he is no longer so unpunished that he will not necessarily stay in his home – adds Mrs. Aleksandra.

Now the mayor of Zakopane has two weeks to appoint a team and implement the resolution.

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