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After the CBA raid, the doctor has not recovered her notebook and phone for 7 months

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The CBA agents took the gynecological documentation of thousands of women, although the patients had no connection with the case. The doctor still has not received some of the documentation back, even though it has been 7 months since the raid on her office.

In January this year In 2007, the CBA agents unexpectedly entered the private practice of doctor Maria Kubisa, confiscating the medical records of her patients and their medical histories dating back to 1996.

Two months after the raid patient charts were returned to the officebut, as the doctor emphasizes, they arrived in such a state that she has not been able to organize the documentation so far and is not sure that something is missing. However, her mobile phone, the number of which the patients knew and on which they contacted the doctor in medical matters, did not return. She also did not recover the notebook in which the gynecologist recorded the results of pap smear tests. Now, when patients come to her, the doctor does not have these results, which makes further treatment almost impossible.

Patients are still calling for drugs

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The doctor and her attorney appealed against this documentation to the court. The court found that although the search in this office was legal, it was actions taken by the CBA were carried out incorrectly and without due moderation. The point here is that the court says agents shouldn’t take all the patients’ charts, they should take the chart of the one subject to this investigation. Let us remind you that it is conducted in the case of aiding illegal abortion, as well as placing drugs on the market that are not authorized in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

– For many years I have been helping Poles in obtaining various medicines in the area German. These patients often came to me and wrote to me on my mobile phone, or called me, just asking for help in purchasing such drugs. Since my phone was taken away and is still being screened, patients call me at my office at the hospital in Prenzlau, with the same requests, but on a landline – Kubisa explained in the Sunday program Fakty po Faktach.

As she emphasizes, there is no doubt that the agents’ behavior was intended to intimidate her.

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