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After the election banners, tires will be delivered to Ukraine. Another campaign to help Ukrainian soldiers is underway

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In war conditions, every functional tire is worth its weight in gold. Ukrainian soldiers often have to replace them in their vehicles.

The unique “political banner saves lives” campaign is coming to an end. The collected materials will soon be sent to the war zone. They will serve as tarpaulins that are in short supply there. – They (banners – editor’s note) work well first as a floor, and secondly as protecting the ceiling against rain, says Dorota “Doritos” Kwietniewska from the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. One of the initiators of the action starts another one.

– Each tire, just like a food product, actually has its expiry date and in our country some of these tires end up in garbage bins and in recycling plants. In a situation when they still have 5-6 millimeters of tread on them, they can be safely used on the front in Ukraine – explains Tomasz Szydlak, a volunteer who helps in fighting Ukraine.

Mrs. Dorota talks about how valuable tires will be at the front. First, a volunteer providing humanitarian aid, then a member of the international legion, and since August in the ranks of the Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He is evacuating the wounded straight from the battlefield, currently he is near Bakhmut. – Here, just like cars, we sometimes treat tires like disposable cups. When we leave for a position, when we go on a mission, well, sometimes those tires don’t come back with us. They either get hit by shrapnel or hit a surface with nails – says Dorota “Doritos” Kwietniewska.

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Tires are also shot out. Sometimes they last an hour, sometimes a day. Their year or brand does not matter there. The most important thing is that they are not full of holes or bald. – In this so-called ground zero, soldiers actually drive different types and models of cars. These are not only heavy military cars or armored cars, but also various types of pick-ups, various types of vans, buses, and also passenger cars – explains Tomasz Szydlak. The first tire repair plants have already joined the initiative. Anyone can take part in it. – If possible – either in person or by courier – you can send these tires and we will pick them up, take them over and transport them directly to the front line – assures Tomasz Szydlak.

Information about the event organized in Kielce is available on social media. When traveling from a distance, it is possible to organize joint transport of a larger number of tires. – In war conditions, soldiers do not have to have two identical tires on the same axle – emphasizes Tomasz Szydlak. It is worth realizing that every art matters, especially now. In Białystok you have to wait two weeks to replace tires. – Temperatures drop below 10 degrees, which means that the summer mixture becomes hard, so it should be changed to winter mixture – emphasizes Kamil Toczydłowski from Wulkanyzacji Toczydłowski in Białystok.

Author:Katarzyna Czupryńska-Chabros

Main photo source: Facts after noon

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