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After years of decline, the reading rate in Poland is increasing. Opening libraries on Saturdays helped

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Reading books in Poland was getting worse and worse, until it finally got better. 43 percent of us read at least one book last year. It sounds bad, but it's an increase of nine percentage points. This was helped by the opening of some libraries on Saturdays. Mostly women read, but men are catching up.

In the usually quiet world of bookworms – a stir. – This is a very good result! I am very, very happy – says Professor Krzysztof Koehler from the Book Institute. It's about the book reading result in Poland – surprisingly good.

– This is a special situation. For ten years I have been explaining why reading is declining. Today I can actually say that it has increased, says Dr. Tomasz Makowski, director of the National Library.

Last year, 43 percent of Polish women and men read at least one book. After years of decline, the reading rate is increasing. The latest data is the best result in a decade.

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Men timidly start chasing women

– I am glad that both the report shows this and my experience that young people read it – says Kaja Kędzioł from Cafe Księgarnia “Tajne Komplety” in Wrocław. They are mainly young women.

– We observe a large turnout of young readers at events such as fairs and literary festivals – notes Sonia Draga, president of the Polish Chamber of Books. Because a typical Polish reader is a reader – young, educated, from a big city.

– The difference in reading in all age groups between women and men is about 20 percent in favor of women – informs Dr. Tomasz Makowski. However, it turns out that men timidly start chasing women.

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– We are modernizing, expanding and beautifying libraries all over Poland and they are becoming places that, as we see, also attract young men, which is very interesting – says Prof. Kohler. This was helped by the opening of libraries on Saturdays, when you can go there with your family. – Most branches are open on Saturdays and we confirm that Saturday is children's day with dad – says Emilia Kubacka from the Tadeusz Różewicz Municipal Public Library in Wrocław.

The way we obtain information about books is changing

Last year, twice as many men in their twenties and thirties used libraries. Although it is an increase from only four to eight percent, something has changed. The way we obtain information about books is also changing. Those who read them first read about them on the Internet or hear and watch about them.

Zuza and Tola recommend books to hundreds of thousands of people on their channels. The love for books has been passed down in their family for generations. – When you see someone at home reading all the time, you want to test yourself and think what's so cool about it, that this person sits on the couch for seven hours and laughs at the paper – says Zuza Grupa from the “Zaksiążkowane” channel “.

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