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Agata Kulesza unveiled her star at the Łódź Walk of Fame on Piotrkowska Street

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Agata Kulesza unveiled her star at the Łódź Walk of Fame on Piotrkowska Street. The actress was accompanied, among others, by a friend and neighbor – Katarzyna Nosowska, who after the official ceremony shared Kulesza’s profile on Instagram so that she could greet her fans.

Agata Kulesza was honored by the City of Łódź with her star on the Łódź Walk of Fame on Tuesday. Thus, she joined over 70 outstanding representatives of Polish film who were awarded in this way.

– I was touched because when I was walking down Piotrkowska Street here, I saw so many famous names, including my professors … This company is extremely respectable, so I am proud that I will have my star, that maybe one day my grandchildren will come here. On the one hand, it’s fun, because I think I have earned myself and I feel that I deserve it. On the other hand, I feel that this is not the end, I feel so strong that I hope there are many, many more roles ahead of me. Because I love my profession very, very much – said Kulesza during the ceremony.

Agata Kulesza PAP / Grzegorz Michałowski

The actress emphasized that she likes Łódź very much, because it is a city where many films with her participation remembered by the audience have been made. She also remembers that in 1994 she appeared in a diploma performance at the Theater Schools Festival organized by the Łódź Film School. – When I look at these streets, I remember “My Roasted Chickens”, “I’m Going”, “Ultraviolet”, the Theater School Festival. Thank you very much, I feel honored – she said to the crowd of fans who came to Piotrkowska.

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In the laudation delivered by the vice-president of Łódź, Małgorzata Moskwa-Wodnicka, it was recalled that Agata Kulesza is one of the most talented contemporary actresses, appreciated by critics and adored by the audience. He is great in complex, dramatic roles as well as in comedy outfits, presenting a versatile talent. She is a laureate of four Eagles, Golden Lions and an award from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

Agata Kulesza – an impressive output

The actress graduated from the State Higher School of Theater in Warsaw. She made her big screen debut in 1993 in Konrad Szołajski’s “Man with …”. For the main female role in “My Baked Chickens”, dir. Iwona Siekierzyńska was awarded at the Młodzi i Film Festival, while her role in the short film “A Few Simple Words” brought her awards from the OFF Film Academy and at the international Film Festival Tofifest in Toruń. She also received many prestigious awards for the role of the mother of the main character of the famous film “Suicide Room” by Jan Komasa, and her role in “Róża” by Wojciech Smarzowski turned out to be a revelation. Polish and foreign viewers and critics were delighted with Wanda Gruz in Paweł Pawlikowski’s “Ida”. The creation, as well as the film itself, gained even more attention after the picture won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Kulesza has received many awards and nominations, including the European Film Award. She also became the first Polish actress to receive an award from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. The actress also appeared in another production of Pawlikowski, “Cold War”, and the last few years have been wonderful roles of Kulesza in famous films: “Suicide Room. Hejter” by Jan Komasa, “25 years of innocence. The case of Tomek Komenda” by Jan Holoubek and in the film “Snow never again.” there will be no “Małgorzata Szumowska and Maciej Englert.

Kulesza has taken part in TVN productions many times. Starting from the druplan role in the series “Hela w opałach” in 2006-08, through the winning of the eighth edition of “Dancing with the Stars” in 2008, to “Agata’s Law”, “Web Therapy”, “Trap”, “Kingdom of Women”, “25 years of innocence” and “Condemned”.

When asked about the criteria she uses to select roles, Kulesza told the media that she always wonders if she would like to watch such a story herself.

Kulesza on video at Nosowska’s

– The camera sees a lot of sadness in me, so I do not play decorations in the cinema, but complex roles. I guess it’s a bit because of my appearance and my sensitivity. I like these roles and I love my profession. I have always loved him, although he did not always love me. Now we are in a good relationship – he will not betray me, I will not betray him and we love each other – noted the actress.

Kulesza went to Łódź, among others, with her neighbor – Katarzyna Nosowska, who has been friends since childhood. During the ceremony, Nosowska published a photo of the actress with the star on Instagram. “Now, in Lodz. Great emotion! Congratulations Agata. You can join if you want, and I will tell her, because there is no insta” – the singer wrote.

Then Nosowska published a video recorded in the car. – Hello! Thank you because I don’t have Instagram. Kasia told me that there are so many congratulations from you. Thank you, I am very happy. Kaśka, say something – said the happy actress.

– I am connecting with you live so that Agatka can tell – added Nosowska. – Yeah! I have a star in Łódź – Kulesza rejoiced.

The star of the actress, embedded at number 63, was funded by the City of Łódź as part of the Łódź City of Film UNESCO project. The Łódź Walk of Fame is modeled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The initiator of its creation in 1996 was Jan Machulski, and the designer of the star was Andrzej Pągowski. So far, over 70 stars have been unveiled, honoring artists who have contributed to Polish cinematography.

Main photo source: PAP / Grzegorz Michałowski

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