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Agnieszka Wojciechowska van Heukelom about Magdalena Filiks in the video podcast “Women’s Choice” on TVN24 GO

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My opinion about Mrs. Magdalena Filiks may be the worst, I have the right to have the worst opinion about everyone – says Agnieszka Wojciechowska van Heukelom in the video podcast “Women’s Choice” on TVN24 GO. The PiS MP was also asked whether she maintained her criticism of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and whether she would run for president of Łódź.

Agnieszka Wojciechowska van Heukelom is the guest of the latest episode of the podcast “Women’s Choice”. In an interview with Arleta Zalewska from “Fakty” TVN and Aleksandra Pawlicka from “Newsweek”, the Law and Justice MP was asked, among other things, about the situation that occurred in mid-January in the Sejm. Third Way MP Agnieszka Kłopotek then said from the parliamentary rostrum that she heard – and had witnesses – Wojciechowska van Heukelom address Civic Coalition MP Magdalena Filiks with the words: “If I had a mother like that, I would kill myself.” After these words, the MP herself came to the podium PIS and stated that two days earlier she had seen MP Filiks behaving in a “vulgar, vulgar manner, indicating that she was accustomed to various stimulants.” Then the Marshal of the Sejm took away her vote.


Wojciechowska van Heukelom: I have the right to have the worst opinion about everyone

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– I never said anything to Mrs. Filiks, I never talked to her. The very fact that an MP sitting near me came to the podium and suggested that I say something to Mrs. Filiks is a scandal. I intend to take this matter further in the ethics committee if it ends up there, said Wojciechowska van Heukelom. – I don’t want anyone to put words in my mouth – she added. When asked by Arleta Zalewska whether words such as those suggested by MP Kłopotek were uttered by her, she replied that she “cannot remember such words at all” and “does not know whether such words were uttered.”

– It is one thing to talk about the tragedy that happened (the death of MP Filiks’s son – ed.), and another thing to justify the scandalous behavior of someone who is an MP (…). My opinion about Mrs. Filiks may be the worst, she said. – In my opinion, MP Kłopotek wanted to make a statement or cause a row for purely political reasons – she added. – I have the right to have the worst opinion, just like each of you, about everyone, but I have certainly never spoken to anyone in this way from the podium or in public – she added.

During the conversation, the journalists also asked the PiS MP about her attitude towards the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. She stated that she had “very specific opinions about the activities of Jerzy Owsiak.” She also answered the question whether she would be PiS’s candidate for the mayor of Łódź in April elections local government. And how “in direct contact” he is Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

The podcast – like every week – also includes news and behind-the-scenes information about political events. Journalists are responsible, among others, for: to the question whether PiS has an idea and energy for the upcoming local government campaign. They tell what the behind-the-scenes of the attempt to enter looked like Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik to the Sejm. But also about Jarosław Kaczyński’s problem with feminists and who is outraged by the photos Donald Tusk from the Italian Alps.

Arleta Zalewska from “Fakty” TVN and Aleksandra Pawlicka from “Newsweek” meet with a guest every week in their video podcast and comment on political events together. They also share their knowledge, including the behind-the-scenes knowledge. The podcast is available at: newsweek.pl, onet.pl, Onet Audio and w TVN24 GO.

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Main photo source: Piotr Nowak/PAP

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