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Agreement on the future in the United Right, lex anti-TVN and raising taxes. Party management statement

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On Saturday, the Management Board of the Alliance of Jarosław Gowin held a remote meeting, which concerned further cooperation within the United Right. The meeting was held in connection with the resignation of Anna Kornecka, a member of this party from the function of Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology. “We will not support tax changes, changes in the financing of local governments and changes in the media law without taking into account our demands. We make our staying in the United Right dependent on this,” said Magdalena Sroka, spokeswoman for the party after the meeting.

At noon, a remote meeting of the Covenant board began, it ended before 3 p.m. The party’s spokeswoman Magdalena Sroka posted on Twitter an entry with the board’s statement.

“We will not support tax changes, changes in the financing of local governments and changes in the media law without taking into account our demands. We make our stay in the United Right dependent on this” – stated the management of the Agreement. “In politics, we are here to build a better future for Poland and Poles, and not to remain in power at any cost,” we read in the statement.


Terlecki: nothing special happened

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The head of the PiS club, Ryszard Terlecki, when asked about the Agreement’s statement, assessed that “nothing particularly new had happened”. – We know their position on the matters that they mentioned, i.e. taxes, local governments and the media law, and I understand that we will aim at some arrangements – he said to the Polish Press Agency.

In his opinion, the ruling coalition is not in danger of collapsing. He added that “probably” there will be a meeting of the leaders of the United Right on the Covenant statement.

Anna Kornecka dismissed

The meeting of the board was the aftermath of the dismissal of the deputy head of the Ministry of Regional Development, Anna Kornecka, who was dismissed by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Wednesday from the position of Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology. On Tuesday, Kornecka criticized Proposals of the Polish Deal. According to her, the thesis that 90 percent of Poles will benefit from raising taxes for entrepreneurs is untrue.

Covenant leader Jarosław GowinDarek Delmanowicz / PAP

Magdalena Sroka: there are boundaries that we will not let go of

The spokesperson for the Covenant, Magdalena Sroka, was asked about the scenarios and expectations for the board meeting before the board meeting.

– When it comes to the project of the United Right, a lot of good is behind us. However, recent events have shown that the situation is quite tense. We need or need a reset as far as our relations are concerned, but most of all for us, as the Understanding, it is about the issues contained in the Polish Lada regarding taxes. As the United Right, we followed a specific program, we never talked about raising taxes. We stand by our values. We will definitely not accept the solutions that are being proposed to us at the moment, this is our priority. We submit our amendments, but so far they are not met with approval for the most part – replied Magpie.

She emphasized that it is difficult for her to predict what the management board’s decision will be, because – as she emphasized – there are 50 people representing various groups: entrepreneurs, local government officials and politicians, and each of these categories contributes its expectations and demands.

– We will definitely have a lively discussion, we will work out a position. There are limits that we will not let go of, these are tax issues. Other important issues are compensation for local governments and the issue of the so-called lex TVN. However, taxes are the priority – emphasized Sroka. – Many scenarios will be taken into account, it is known that the resignations have caused emotions, but we will not allow them to take precedence over our priorities. Economic freedom is our DNA, she added.

“Gowin has come to a point where he has to say enough, he has to say enough”TVN24

Taxes are a priority of the Agreement

Monika Pawłowska, sitting on the Management Board of the Agreement, assured that taxes are the priority of the Agreement.

– We are a democratic party and it is important to me that we will jointly make decisions on further actions. There are big challenges ahead of us – we have to save entrepreneurs and the economy. We will debate how to do this without losing the unity that is important to us as members of the United Right. There are many ideas for the Agreement in the Polish Lada, so you should not be negative in advance. In each of the parties that make up the ZP, there are politicians who speak more sharply, which is not conducive to possible communication, but it does not seem to be a good direction to me – she said.

– I believe that we should work out solutions that will not harm entrepreneurs or freedom of the press, and not play games or quarrels, that some will throw out the deputy minister, then we will limit the competences of someone else from a given party. It doesn’t lead to anything, it has to be solved differently – added Pawłowska.

Jarosław Gowin on the possible “push” of the Agreement from the government coalition

On Thursday, the leader of the Covenant, Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin emphasized that he wanted to talk to other coalition partners of the United Right not about positions or personalities, but about the program. “The Agreement wants to remain part of the United Right, but if we are pushed out of the government coalition, I, as the party leader, have made a commitment to the members and supporters of the Agreement that I will build an alternative center-right scenario,” he said.

– We certainly want the United Right to continue its mission. This is a project that has served Poland well for six years and I hope it will serve well for the next two years, but we expect deep reflection from our coalition partners on taxes, ‘added Gowin.

50 people sitting on the board of the Agreement participated in the remote meeting.

Main photo source: Darek Delmanowicz / PAP

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