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Agricultural products in purchase. Food prices in July 2021

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Purchase prices of basic agricultural products increased in July by 16.4 percent compared to July 2020. All products went up in price, most of them were corn and poultry, and the least were pigs, the Central Statistical Office reported. In monthly terms, prices mostly fell.

On the other hand, the purchase prices of basic agricultural products in July 2021 decreased by 1.8% compared to the previous month.

Food purchase prices higher on an annual basis

In July 2021, compared to June this year. Purchase prices of most agricultural products fell. The prices of oats, corn and poultry were higher. However, when comparing the prices to July last year, the prices in purchase and at marketplaces were higher – except for potatoes at marketplaces.

In July 2021, the purchase prices of wheat (PLN 85.70 per dt, i.e. 100 kg) were lower than a month before by 11.7 percent, but higher than in July 2020 by 19.7 percent. At marketplaces, the price for 1 dt of wheat was PLN 105.83, i.e. by 20.7 percent. more than a year ago.

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Rye in purchase cost on average PLN 69.19 per dt, i.e. by 15.4 percent. less than in June this year, but by 24.8 percent. more compared to the same period last year. In the marketplace turnover, rye prices increased to PLN 76.49 per dt, ie they were higher by 13.9% per annum.

In July 2021, the purchase price of potatoes decreased to PLN 77.17 per dt and was lower by 5.3% per month, and higher by 18.4% per year. At marketplaces, the price for 1 dt of potatoes was PLN 103.11, i.e. by 25.3 percent. less than a year ago.

Meat prices

The price of a kilogram of live beef (PLN 7.41 per kg) in purchase in July 2021 decreased compared to the previous month by 0.9%, but compared to July 2020 it was higher by 17.9%. At marketplaces, the price of live beef was PLN 7.10 per kg, i.e. by 5.3%. more than in July.

For pork livestock purchased in July, the average price was PLN 5.10 per kg, i.e. by 5.9%. less than a month earlier, but more by 1.3 percent. per year. At marketplaces, 1 kg of this livestock was paid PLN 6.28, i.e. by 17.4%. more than a year ago.

In July this year. prices for slaughter poultry (PLN 4.62 per kg) both compared to the previous month and to July 2020 – by 2.9 percent, respectively. and 28.9 percent.

For 1 hl (100 liters) of milk, the purchase price was PLN 149.45, i.e. by 0.5%. less than a month ago, but by 14.4 percent. more than a year ago.

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